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Saturday, December 6, 2014


i shall wander into your ponderings,
lose myself in you no longer feeling me,
will see how you see me and as your heart
beats in rhythm of your breath, I will feel
your pain and cry your tears

i will do this and
your fears will be mine,
your desires with mine entwine
and as i kiss your cheek
hold the warm of your hand
love will be different as i
drink from the cup of empathy

veil of gray upon us

the day that once covered me in light
now is misty and gray
in the light i’d run like the wind blows free
sometimes as a breeze and sometimes as a
gust so strong that would shake even the
sturdiest of trees

in the light i’d sing and jump with delight
roll around uncaring of twigs and stones
the grass being healthy and strong
all around me would stop to smile and stare
the blue jay and robin would, upon a limb,
perch to see what brings about this fair
the chipmunk and the squirrel would
stop their scurry and sit up on haunches
tiny front feet gathered at their chest

but as the mist and gray fell like a veil
upon the lights rays t’was not only i
who stopped playing but all around me
became so solemn, no longer wishing
to play and so the joy, the delight
ceased and light became gray

hoping the light to shine through, someday soon
and the world will gather this veil of gray of our own
creation, with the same hand, crumble and throw it away
the heart will recover, feel the grass under dancing feet,
rolling about and running in the swirling wind
the chipmunk and squirrel will once again
scurry about, the blue jay and robin will feel
the wind underneath their wings

fly away free birds let not the gray make your day
and realize that all is not 'black and white'
we’re in this together