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Saturday, October 31, 2015

love lies still but not quiet

a crisp cold morning shall greet me
i shall not complain for when that chill
titillates my cheek i shall praise the day
as it awakens me to see the sun glisten off
the frost atop leaves of trees and a sheen
glittering off of the grass giving the day
a pleasant moment of ethereal

colors of russet, orange and yellows ornament
the trees, teasing eyes of a beholding taste of autumn,
their leaves sway and flicker in the cool fall breeze.
amidst this charm blue jays squabble over feed
corn hanging from branches. a red headed
downy woodpecker chirps as he munches on
black oil seeds in a bird feeder while little claws  
of squirrels and chipmunks can be heard scurrying
up the bark of trees and the choir of whistling
exchange by the warblers, cardinals and sparrows

i breathe deep this spirit of life
while reflecting upon those no longer
by my side, i channel this beauty and
let them know all is well but miss them greatly.  
surely they sense my greeting soul as i embrace
the thoughts of how in this wondrous moment...
love lies still but not quiet, in my heart  

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

love here and forever

you are the air that i breath
thoughts of your lovely face
pressed against my chest
in a warm embrace, smell your hair
your eyes peer into mine
and your smile fills my space

when your absent i cannot focus
i cannot eat, my breathe labours,
my hopes, my dreams are empty
into a void colored black and white
indiscernibly of day or night

i think of you and hear music
my heart races with its beat and
reminds me of your sinuous form  
dancing to the mellifluous sound,
your hair flowing around and around

you have captured my heart
the essence of my being is intertwined
in a wondrous snarl, inseperable
this world has but a temporary hold
until our souls go into the beyond  

of all things temporal, love is not one
ti's in the after as it was in the before
into the eternal we shall travel on
where all of time and space abide,
on gossamer wings of love, we’ll ride