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Saturday, March 27, 2010

'just think'n'

On this canvas where I am but a small spatter
where a paint brush is spontaneously flung and
I hang on with dear life onto the fibers till I dry in time
and that brush then paints with different strokes and colors
around me and I become integral to the scene
captured by the creators eye and in his
imaginative vision I exist

Monday, March 22, 2010


Simple is the man who sits outside to sell his wares.
Throughout the day he sits in rain and cold
with a back that aches, legs and fingers cramp,
complaints are few for his eyes have seen what wars can do
and this, simply, he does in order to eat and share
with those for whom he cares.

His wife who bears their children
and makes the wares he sells,
cooks the food they buy
and warms the home they all sleep in,
she truly is the ‘telltale heart’.

The arduous daily tasks are made simple
with smiles and embraces attempting to hide
the struggle and strife of Life’s woes
and man’s soulful lamentations
with its constant struggle of understanding
the creation of our Universe whether of chaos and spontaneity
or intervention from Divinity
and Man’s proclivity of a destructive affinity.

Simplicity is that the sky hovers high,
the wind blows and moves the trees, the flowers and the seas,
birds ride the waves of the wind
and sea ferrying creatures ride the ocean tides,
the stars poke the night with tiny beacons of light
until the moon harkens upon the darken sky.

As time travels and it gathers with delight
all that has been sleeping in the night,
the Sun raises it’s head
and its magnificent arms of light stretch out,
it awakens the simple man.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Life, So

Fleeting is Life, so

Memories grow

Friends have become careless shadows

Taste buds taste less without salt and jalapenos

Folds on skin show greater prominence
Like the wrinkles of the sea have splashed upon my face

My eyes gather fog but not of Nature's natural veil
can barely see that light house standing all alone on a promontory
of broken rocks into the sea

Pace of step has slowed with aches and pain
like that aged cherry crab tree that sits alone
in the middle of my front yard with baron limbs
from it’s wintry sleep
stretching out contorted.

Desire for youthful things that I must let go, grow

Lament ascends, tears no longer flow but are captured by my swollen lids underneath my eyes

Pleasures are smaller, understanding more often,
sympathy and empathy runs rampant and free
replacing disdain and judgment
Hope and wish usurp angst

Minutes last significantly longer
Days and weeks become extraordinarily shorter
Awakening to morning sunrises are astoundingly more breathtaking,
refreshing, heaven sent, thankfully

frequency of conversations with God have spawned spontaneously
replacing the once rationalized, seeds of doubt