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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Life, So

Fleeting is Life, so

Memories grow

Friends have become careless shadows

Taste buds taste less without salt and jalapenos

Folds on skin show greater prominence
Like the wrinkles of the sea have splashed upon my face

My eyes gather fog but not of Nature's natural veil
can barely see that light house standing all alone on a promontory
of broken rocks into the sea

Pace of step has slowed with aches and pain
like that aged cherry crab tree that sits alone
in the middle of my front yard with baron limbs
from it’s wintry sleep
stretching out contorted.

Desire for youthful things that I must let go, grow

Lament ascends, tears no longer flow but are captured by my swollen lids underneath my eyes

Pleasures are smaller, understanding more often,
sympathy and empathy runs rampant and free
replacing disdain and judgment
Hope and wish usurp angst

Minutes last significantly longer
Days and weeks become extraordinarily shorter
Awakening to morning sunrises are astoundingly more breathtaking,
refreshing, heaven sent, thankfully

frequency of conversations with God have spawned spontaneously
replacing the once rationalized, seeds of doubt