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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Blood 'Bro'

It has been said that when the mouth speaks
the ears are at rest and cannot listen
but in the same, silence is deafening
when there are words that should be spoken

Silence sometimes is a defense
when emotions have been assailed
by the sometimes daggers of words
that may have been carelessly thrust
into the shelter of a heart

This will always be the case
when hearts have shared a common place
when they have seen and toiled
through Life’s disdainful mire

But in the same, when they have shared
both tears of sad and joy
have unselfishly shared a piece of bread
and when a needed warmth of hand
in times of destitute and fear,
without hesitation, given of one’s time selflessly

This, all, should be lifelong
even when outside distractions pose challenges
in attempts to interfere with Love of family
and the bonds of kinship, of blood

‘Do not disdain portrayals of love nor feign affection
but receive with open arms and heart
Life’s every emanation
For loves they falter and tend to fade away
and hearts they get scorned and cry from day to day
Do not fold within like a flower at the end of it’s season
but always leave a little room to start again.’