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Sunday, March 14, 2010

At Days End

When my day has come to its nocturnal transition,
I am reflective upon time spent
as to whether my presence has influenced
thought or laughter, compassion or empathy at minimum.

Did I assuage a down swirl of sadness
or mitigate for someone the slight of loneliness?

Did my words or deeds somehow illumine
what might have otherwise remained in the darkness
ill fated intentions and has otherwise caused into action
a worthy selfless deed?

Soon my words will be followed by action
when my pain has waned and once again
I can amble about as if my prosthetic hips were my own.
It must follow quickly, though, for I fear
My eyes are witnessing spotted shadows
that may soon fully block the light of day
and my sight must come from my ears
and gentle touch of hands.

I have not much to give in Material things
but will share with whomever wishes to accept
an open hand of care, coming from a never ending
storage of Love, my Heart.