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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Religion of Love

Can the conspiracy of Love
Lift one from the base of momentary despair?

Can it’s periphery
Evoke a change in direction of vision?

Does it’s core
Have the strength to pull one out of a depth of the abyss?

Is the light of it’s aura
Sufficient to illuminate the darkness of doubt and disbelief?

Is Love God?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Man's Whim

the sun is hovering full today
it’s been hiding by clouds filled with rain
giving credence that sadness and melancholy
seems to come more readily
when days are covered in grey.

self indulgent sadness abounds
when grey surrounds ironically
into sheltered isolation we run
away from what descends upon us
seemingly the antithesis of our Being

as the sun screams in full rapture
a sense of void still fills my soul
from the cries of pain coming from the Gulf
from Palestine, from anguished mothers
whose hearts are lost in Afghanistan

a carelessness, a selfishness, insensitivity,
apathy, a pomposity of our worth
over other life forms, our universal shortsightedness
and when I sit and ponder this
the sun still shines behind grey covered days
and the plants still grow
all other living creatures still play
sing their praises to the day
and live life uncaring of Man’s whim