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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Soldier's Quest

Loud flashes of light above
reflecting off clouds ominously
Where once in youthful times
these sparkling lights meant celebration
but today they open up the skies
with loud explosive sounds

They shake the earth
awakening the demons underground
unlike when excitement, back home, filled the air
today they burst the silence
with redden fields and angry death

In a brief intermittent respit
when eardrum breaking blasts cease,
howling pain filled human cries
still fill the smoky air.

A still moment arises and my memories
of loved ones who wait for me
back where these flashing lights
and sky emptying cracking sounds
do not suck breath from life
but celebrate the joy of living,
I think of my heartfelt love'd ones,
their warm embraces and the kisses.

I reflect upon the freedoms,
the occasional abuse of liberties
we partake and are afforded us.
My mind fills in reverie of returning,
planting my garden with beans and tomatoes,
cutting my lawn, sitting in my back yard
with friends and loved ones,
grilling steaks and drinking beer,
listening to music on radio and singing childhood songs

Tears spew out from my eyes
but I do not have time to wipe them,
an explosion o’er my head
rattling my helmet and my brain
reawakening me to the reality
that my life and freedom lies before me
along side my buddy, my brother,
and inside my mind, belief that soon
the Truth of our quest will become victorious

Sunday, November 7, 2010


His right front paw curled up unnaturally
He seemed to stare somewhere into an ethereal place
A space unbeknownst to anyone but him
He begins to quiver and shake
He was being held in my wife’s arms
when first I noticed his eyes
seemingly reaching deep into this space
Then his head rested limply on my wife’s shoulder
I knew in the depths of my soul
where my human emotions rest
that something was not right with Jules

I pulled him from her arms
gathering him closely to my chest
Trying to calm his quivering body
letting him know I was there
My gut was wrenched
Tears came quickly running down my face
He’s only nine was all I could think
Please your too young
I held him tighter
I’m sure he could feel my heart beat
Soon his body ceased from shaking
His eyes no longer staring into an abyss
He looks at me and with a gentle
soft stroke of his small tongue
he licked my cheek tasting my saline tears
For now all is well but time
for both of us is so much more salient.