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Friday, December 13, 2013

will you sing my song

body is petrifying
limbs becoming brittle
naked and barren
of buds and leaves
no longer are
my roots
strong and sturdy

still I feel
like singing
words I’ve written
as melodies
I hope they
make you smile, if
you choose to sing
my song
with me

days become numbers
I count the suns
and moons
asking stars
to make room
for I will
be there soon

hope to brighten
your nights
and fill your dreams
with wishes
and happy tears
much like mine
of many years

fill your day
with love, think
not of yesterdays
for they come
too soon, dream
your dreams not
of tomorrows
but what today
shall bring

be kind to yourself
because you are
all you have
as the song says…
when the wind is
blowing in your face
and the whole world
is on your case,
I can offer you
a warm embrace,
to make you feel
my love…

Thursday, December 12, 2013


frigid cold bites

finger tips

numb purple toes

eyes frozen tears

edges of ears

cannot feel them

runny snot frozen

on the lips

pee stench

uncontrolled shaking

now has stopped

given up


eyelids won’t shut

glassed eyes

breath vapors

no longer

chest lies still

blood flow ceased

heart at rest

fetal position



last coin

call family

not home

bye, love you