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Saturday, May 14, 2016

heart’s disquiet

one day, the tears i've shared,
the blood of my heart
having spilled upon pages,
my soul having left its scent,
will the eyes of whom
these words intended
lament over having waited
too long to read the words
i so wished to share ? 

maybe posthumously my words
will be gathered, by chance she
will read about my heart and
my soul's disquiet.    

until then i shall go on, continue
marry my heart and my tears with the
words of my soul on pages upon 
pages till ink runs dry and then
i shall scratch with finger nails
on walls, my words, a telling of
my love exceeds the bounds of pages
where it is writ and the lines
of love reside

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

all will be alright

i lay my body down on the dirt of Earth
to touch wild-flowers born of morning tears
comes a beetle and a tiny toad to greet me
and tell me… all will be alright

roll over on my back to see the tallness of the trees
witness white cotton figurines playing in the sky
an eye of gold makes light the trims on everything
and an avian spirit flies across the horizon blue
looks down at me, its wings write on the clouds
…all will be alright

i call my soul within to gather the good
wash away the tears of sadness that are calling
for me to ride the darkness of an abyss
my heart feels a pain of ugly that my eyes have seen
a soulful embrace envelops me, whispers…all will be alright

i rise and stand before the day
and tell the wind, the sun, come on
let us play,  I wish to dry my tears away
sing the verses of the beetle tiny toad and bird,
let my soul purge the sadness in my heart
…all will be alright