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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Love The One Your With

Soulful voices pervade the wind
a quiet solemnity, cogitating
the where we have been
and where we’ll soon be

Whispers hover like grey clouds,
like morning fog or the never dissipating
mist in the forest creating a sobering
portentousness, a disconcert

The morning arrives in yellow
gold horizons as a symphony of song
gives praise by an aviary choir
for one more day

Curious we wait for the fulfillment
of Proverbs, to new beginnings
of a new world by the awakening
of the old

In every voice I hear
there is an unspoken fear
that our world will end
with much regret

We didn’t care enough
we fought too much
we didn’t share enough
we didn’t love the way
we should have

If time is soon to cease
of how we know it
we still have a choice to make
of how to spend it

Will we embrace
our common good
or will we push away
the dream filled nights
the sunny days?

Monday, April 16, 2012

"eyes wide open"

Wide open, my eyes came to be
my heart beat quickened
as if I had just ran a mile,
my breath stoking, choking
holding back 'man' tears

I noticed my friend's
long time biker gal sitting
next to a sparsely haired, frail
looking gentleman, thinking her dad,
approached her to say hi
this gentlemans's shaky hand with folds
of leathery jaundiced colored skin,
reached out and touched my arm
I  turned, I was looking into the eyes
of my friend

Just but a few months ago
he’d stand six feet three inches
two hundred and eighty pounds
he gingerly stands to hug me
he’s six foot at most while hunched
now only at one hundred and twenty and
his arms once the size of my thighs,
skeletal limbs of hanging yellow skin
embrace me, now

I was invited to support a Cancer fund raiser
unsuspecting it for my friend who but
two months ago he'd saddle a Harley ‘Fatboy’
which looked like a child’s bike strattled
between his large thighs,
a Budweiser in his hand miniturized
like a small concentrated juice can,
poignantly, a noticable slight brown stain drips
from his lip down his chin from his 'chew'
underneath his puffed lower lip

We smiled, knowingly one last hug, our eyes met
and I whispered " your God will smile on you"
I walked away, breathless, saddened,
my wife’s hand tightly in mine
knowing this donation was for him,
but the contribution of this moment
is a lasting one for so many more