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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Love The One Your With

Soulful voices pervade the wind
a quiet solemnity, cogitating
the where we have been
and where we’ll soon be

Whispers hover like grey clouds,
like morning fog or the never dissipating
mist in the forest creating a sobering
portentousness, a disconcert

The morning arrives in yellow
gold horizons as a symphony of song
gives praise by an aviary choir
for one more day

Curious we wait for the fulfillment
of Proverbs, to new beginnings
of a new world by the awakening
of the old

In every voice I hear
there is an unspoken fear
that our world will end
with much regret

We didn’t care enough
we fought too much
we didn’t share enough
we didn’t love the way
we should have

If time is soon to cease
of how we know it
we still have a choice to make
of how to spend it

Will we embrace
our common good
or will we push away
the dream filled nights
the sunny days?