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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Space and Time

I reside in a space where
there are no walls no borders
a nebulous grey in this space
no end just the awareness
of it’s existence

in this space
reside also the colors
blue for the sky
the verdant foliage
red the blood that flows
through those that soar
and their land based cousins

We all breathe the air
and eat the berries
the sun hovers o’er
giving verve to all of us
none better than
the other

our species who reads and writes
believe that we know more
yet when we question
our knowledge relative to
the realm of the all
we realize we know little

knowledge is imagination
its the keeper of life
it creates rather than
destroys yet we're a
destructive species
so what do we know

all that exists is equal
relying on each other
our value is relative to
our co-existence
with all life

we all exist
amidst the nebulae
of black and grey
the sum of all colors
and the calculus of all