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Thursday, June 19, 2014


my tears have flowed so readily
the membrane where they are held has
been pricked by the demon of distraught
my heart no longer embraces the joy
of the day, the moment
the hand of verve has released me
from its grasp
my eyes no longer wish to look
without the prism of tears
my hands no longer want to reach
and touch the silk of hair
no longer wish to feel the soft and sinuous
small of back
desire to kiss between your toes as you
squirm to pull away
touch first with my finger tips then
my lips to yours
if i can no longer tenderly wrap my arms
around you like i wish and the desires of lust
between two game filled  lovers not be tended
then all of love shall be in the dark of


Tuesday, June 17, 2014

dance, america ?

i am anguished
        angry within

                  observing the incomprehensible
daily, ugly words are spoken and written
             so much ignorance   
         unmitigating human insensitivity
         why so much uncaring
                  so many hungry
                           so many hurting
                       we choose to kill
          rather than save life
    choose to hate
                 rather than understand

          contaminate rivers, oceans
                        fill the air with poison
                             both with smog and words 

if we wish to correct or try to speak up
          we are scolded:

   “…if you don’t like this country then leave,
…we like the mire we live in, we like our guns,
    …the government is our enemy so we don’t vote
      …we are a country of rules and laws
…if I don’t like you, you’re not following my rules,
      and your breaking my laws
              i must use my gun or prisons i built
…i’m a Christian because i go to church for an hour on Sundays
       …everybody in america should be a Christian?
   ..Jews and Muslims should convert, force all those other
                  fake religions to self deport
        then we'd all get along with our own kind,
           ...then we'd have our own President not a Kenyan 

america, can we learn a different dance, ok? 

* for Marian @imaginary garden with real toads: