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Saturday, September 13, 2014

eat your dessert

let us purge the poison
with which we’ve been drunk
all the hate we’ve consumed
carelessly in lieu of tasting love
but then pushing away
like a dessert that stimulates
the desire of our taste buds yet
think it to be too full of calories

tell me of your inner soul
who used to like to eat
that which tasted good
drank from a well of spring water
and shared it with others

speak to me of a wondrous
blue sky hovering over all mankind
embraces all of space without prejudice
and that sun that shines
giving nutrients to all whose
rays like fingers, touches

sing to me that song your
mother whispered in your ear
telling you the words of that say
where theirs love you need not fear,
if you wish to sate your heart and soul
consume that dessert we call love


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

night's journey

it is time to be still
to listen to my heart beat
hear my breath
listen to the rhythm of my soul

let the spirit of life that surrounds
be a part of me
i can dance by standing still
sing my song without yelling

i can hear the mountain move
and the trees sway
as the wind plays in their lair
and the streams and rivers
titillate their very soul

in my stillness i can hear the sparkle
of star dust fall
onto my path where i reside
it calls to me letting me know
it is the melody of my soul

i can sense the energy we call dark
that holds the stars in place
in its universe light plays
and it calls out to me...
‘be still my friend and you will
hear me call, you will see my soul,
you will take my hand and i shall
lead you to your mother land’

it summons me, not now but soon
so i shall stand still and listen,
be aware of what is before me
so that i may become one with all
and my soul shall take the journey
in the quiet of night