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Saturday, September 18, 2010

'Slow' Button

Life stands still this early Saturday morning
before the light emits
from a rising sun
The robins and tiny wrens
Chickadees and even the hum
of wings from ruby throated humming birds
release their morning harmony of
Chirps and song and the rustling from preening
All else is quiet

My mind wrestles with random thoughts
Wish life had a ‘slow down’ button
I see my reflection from my picture window
as I sit on the mantle staring out
My memories of recent past
The faces in my life all hover
in these rambling thoughts
Some I will see today or tomorrow
Some will remain as welcome memories

An early morning jogger goes by
This is the sign that human life
will soon awaken to share the day
They will contribute to my future memories
and their faces will somehow hover
in my soon to be next mornings' rambling thoughts
Hope I remember to push that ‘slow down’ button

Monday, September 13, 2010

Empty Questions

The sun light dominates the day
Sharing with an azure sky
Birds are chirping and rustling about
Outside my open window
A soberly wonderful ambiance yet
An emptiness abounds within me

My mind is bartering with
Curious thoughts that take me
To daunting places of
Hollow destinies and constant
Questionings of why we
Even exist and the truth of purpose

I need to become involved
In life in spite of the ‘absurdity’
A distraction from the querying
Accepting the presence of ‘being’