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Thursday, December 24, 2015

merry stardust

we are but stardust particles
floating about in the dark
thinking we are more and
curious as to our relevance

this moment in time, every cycle,
the world is introspective and
looks within to where it’s going
and where it’s been

stands before a mirror so as
to review its moral attire,
fitted from its narrow choices
of colors hanging in its closet
mandated by its religious writ

from the angst of our concerns over
our relevance and value, we disparage
and minimize our peers and other life forms
thinking it elevates us to, 'superior'

in the fear of death of our 'selves'
we incorporate into our religious scriptures
the savior of our souls convinced to be
true, then he or she our scripted savior,
will judge us then of this greater value

little do we know of value in the eyes
of the 'one' that's the universe spirit.
so by this it shall be said:
be kind to one another for in the
great expanse of time and space
we are but tiny stardust, in it together

let us all, in this cycle of our year,
enjoy our particular celebrations in peace
and calm, share our oneness and our common
wish that our souls be given the eternity of love   

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

missing you

standing here looking out my window  
faint of red, green and yellow gold light
glistens and glimmers through the fog
in the dark of a winter’s night

a tiny single snow flake lands upon a pane
reminds me of how slow a dance flakes fall
covering copper leaves of trees and the
sparse verdant splay left of autumn’s nest

peering out onto the powder white
giving light to the night, i think i see
small paw prints strewn in the snow
where but too short a winter ago
you and i had played

your voice in my mind resounds of song
words in mellifluous tone pierce my heart
i shed tears in memory of an anguish from
your lament because no wrapped gifts
lay underneath our evergreen

but too young, my words, couldn’t come
to let you know the preciousness of love
the gift of birth you had already given me
that was not laying underneath the tree

wind blows brisk now, frost on window’s pane
an arm embraces me o’er my shoulder,
a kiss upon my cheek, a cup of hot cocoa
warms my hands and my love stands next to me

looking out onto the still and peaceful calm
i ask from my heart my soul that in the still
of this night covered winter’s white
you’ll see me standing here, missing you

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

the dance

love inside me sometimes feels
i have more within than most
as the stars they wink and the
moon smiles just for me  

the crimson light at dusk
of the days’ sun, so too, waves
in its departure as if familiar  
while displaying a veil of gold
onto curdled cotton figures
soaring across the sky azure

a wind gusts friendly, lifting
skirts of trees as they sway
whilst my feathered friends
hang on to barren arboreal tips
whistling for my ears to hear

soon the autumn’s russet dress
around its shoulders wear
a shawl knit of white,
a cold vapors breath
moon beams make glisten
the winter’s night and the gray
shadows ask to join me in the dance

Thursday, December 3, 2015

the human toll

a winter storm of cold has come
the soul of frigidity nips at our toes,
gray covers skies fill our days
leaving frost and chills the nights

ere to dissipate the damage
of this cold of hate and deep etched scar,
leaving behind a pain filled heart,
with tears of a battered, tattered soul
of self imposed human toll

but life amends and shall once again
revolve around to face the sun’s warmth
whilst the nascence of a new morn
shall reawaken with life's song
and will redress of spring
correcting what's gone wrong  

Saturday, November 21, 2015

how dare you interrupt

how dare you smile at me
cause me curiosity
tease my heart like a test
take my hand without request
upon your cheek i’d leave a kiss
when you don’t see me
i sigh in comforted bliss

how dare you look up at me
with those puppy eyes
ask of me to share
love without condition,
place your paw upon my knee
to stroke the softness of your hair
as you lay your head
upon the heart of me

and mamasita, how dare to fill me
with memories of how you cared
you placed upon my shoulders
a blanket and a warm embrace
you changed my diaper
and combed my hair,
when some called me names
you’d wipe my tears of despair
for the many that did not care

how dare you interrupt me
depleting my lungs of breath,
speeding a rush of blood
through me and to my head,
my heart palpitates in a race,
not to drown in life but to tread

how dare you interrupt me with love  

this is what ‘thanksgiving’ is to me: my wife, mi mamasita, my pups jaz and jules (i miss you so much), to  friends who are still by my side and those who have departed but at one moment in time we shared hearts


Wednesday, November 18, 2015

merciful spirit

in a quiet space and moment, my thoughts
are harkened, trying to understand why life
has taken this turn where so much hate
and anger is dictating day after day in the
world around me and in a moments reprieve
i reflect upon my lineage of simpler times

i rise from a land of old
play in valleys paved of brush and stone
herald of feather crown wear and
ask of many gods depending on my
diurnal needs thus how the sun ascends and
the moon rests in its darkness overhead  

my soul consumes the riches of the forest,
breathe the air that blows the berries from
the bush and when cold, my wrappings
are of the garb from whilst the meat
i eat and i drink from the glistening stream that
runs down the side of the mountain god

my family of Nahuatl from Aztlan would labor
to build with carved stone laddered mounds so high
so as not to reach the sky but to be eye to eye
with the mountain god so that we could ask….
wherefore are we to be many suns and moons from now,
will they remember us and this of simpler times

oh spirit of old, who used to embrace my soul
when the moon would smile as it watched
the sun rise in the eve of day, transcending into
a life of simple joy and contentment, unfurling the
dark shadows with light where wisdom resides,
please wrap your arms around me and tell of
the stories of yore, fill my soul with love once more


Friday, November 13, 2015

opening my wings

my wings lift from their sides
the air beneath them lift me
onto the stairway to heaven
for i’ve come to this journey’s end

loved in depths where my heart, before, didn’t know
drank the tears of sadness until full
the howling wolf’s soul and me sit side by side
and watch his home burn to the ground

having heard the voices of despair
the asking for an open hand  
the flow of tears for someone to care
and deaf ears to listen if they dare

as i rise up and soar away from the mire on earth
i here the triumphant sound of wind,
the ocean waves clap and the mountains
whisper, the osprey and lion sing and roar to life

i do not say goodbye nor wish to see you cry,
would like to tell you why, it’s time for me
to fly where the universal spirit resides
along where all our souls soon will meet
giving the color blue to the palette of the sky

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

a dream

a dream  renders in joyful moments
some from memory, some surreal
eyes open and all seems the same
waft of the day is much like yesterday

body rises, stretches from its resting place
muscle ache, folds, wrinkles, a time lapse face

the day is grey, the autumn breeze is cold
hold the hand of love now and of the old

walk this day with me , breathe deep
pick not a flower, leave for the sun to grow

let the humming bird sip of its nectar
let bloom with color for the eyes to keep


Sunday, November 8, 2015

the eyes of the soul

behold what lies within
from eyes of the soul
as they visualize a world
of beauty and love but are also
witness to and of their absence 

this is within all of us and if we
reach with extended hand, take 
hold and embrace these riches

within, for when we consume love,
and when we embrace beauty
we become such and to this
end, so too, will our progeny

tell a man this not to be true
and they will prove you wrong
for they will go forth and
reject the disdainful of destiny
and thus shall change the universe

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

giving life a chance

with a slow step i stroll
in a world that has erupted.
little rest for quiet or silence
where empathy, calm and peace

my fellow species disdain all,
their own kind and life itself.
they’ve chosen anger and hate
where destruction is the fiber of
their bed spread, caring little
for the warmth and security
their children might seek

and the earth’s saplings are
being trampled with no regard
for future growth and so the earth
is showing us its anger reminding
us we are but visitors in its abode

terrestrials, the birds,
the trees, the rivers, the seas
are the attire it has provided
to cherish and wear and avail
of its nature, our care

prayer is not the remedy
nor is silence or capitulation
loud voices should raise and
action should follow to usurp
the swiping angered tail that
is destroying all in its path.
we must pounce on it and
sooth it with a stroking hand
of knowledge and wisdom

show the universe of our resolve
that we beings can walk amidst and
with each other in soulful pride and
sharing it with all of life. whilst
we become an emitting light
as we traverse in universal space
showing of our wish to reside in
perpetuity with our ancestry of stars

Saturday, October 31, 2015

love lies still but not quiet

a crisp cold morning shall greet me
i shall not complain for when that chill
titillates my cheek i shall praise the day
as it awakens me to see the sun glisten off
the frost atop leaves of trees and a sheen
glittering off of the grass giving the day
a pleasant moment of ethereal

colors of russet, orange and yellows ornament
the trees, teasing eyes of a beholding taste of autumn,
their leaves sway and flicker in the cool fall breeze.
amidst this charm blue jays squabble over feed
corn hanging from branches. a red headed
downy woodpecker chirps as he munches on
black oil seeds in a bird feeder while little claws  
of squirrels and chipmunks can be heard scurrying
up the bark of trees and the choir of whistling
exchange by the warblers, cardinals and sparrows

i breathe deep this spirit of life
while reflecting upon those no longer
by my side, i channel this beauty and
let them know all is well but miss them greatly.  
surely they sense my greeting soul as i embrace
the thoughts of how in this wondrous moment...
love lies still but not quiet, in my heart  

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

love here and forever

you are the air that i breath
thoughts of your lovely face
pressed against my chest
in a warm embrace, smell your hair
your eyes peer into mine
and your smile fills my space

when your absent i cannot focus
i cannot eat, my breathe labours,
my hopes, my dreams are empty
into a void colored black and white
indiscernibly of day or night

i think of you and hear music
my heart races with its beat and
reminds me of your sinuous form  
dancing to the mellifluous sound,
your hair flowing around and around

you have captured my heart
the essence of my being is intertwined
in a wondrous snarl, inseperable
this world has but a temporary hold
until our souls go into the beyond  

of all things temporal, love is not one
ti's in the after as it was in the before
into the eternal we shall travel on
where all of time and space abide,
on gossamer wings of love, we’ll ride

Saturday, October 24, 2015

life shakes my hand

when the heart holds the hand of grief
it reminisces upon the days of yore
when life was gentler, foot steps softer
the breezes would ride on a subtle day
quietly onto the night’s shade to rest
the weary eyes, a tired soul to lay

the day shines of gold as the heart is warmed
a soul dances with the clouds as the sky touches
the ocean blue where the dolphins and orca
spring out from their abode displaying to the osprey
how two worlds can be as one

and as time avails long the hour and the day
but months and years race by too soon ravaging
from us without notice a piece of where love
is stored and shared at will with temporal beings
as they part without goodbyes only naked
memories left behind

but life is not swayed by the wind
it bares no bias toward a flower, a tree,
a mother, a child, a bird or a bee
tapping time on its shoulder to reclaim its fruit
a recycling of the balance in the universe
giving birth to another me, another you

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

‘untoll’ moment

the candle flame flickers
Its light pierces the dark
It dances about creating
moving shadows of objects still

my thoughts stream seemingly
inside my head as sad holds
the hand with joy, fear with peace,
calm with anguish and loneliness
stares and stares at love

a feeling of flux enters my soul
the wantonness of chaos as
i descend into an abyss such
the nature of the universe
i am a microcosm of its being

my heart beats hard and fast
i listen to its gurgling roars
like tiny ocean waves ebbing,
flowing into designated chambers
marrying with oxygenated breath

my soul, my incarnate being
transcend into a place where
all the voices ever spoken, music
ever played now reside where
there is no space or time

i’ll remain here for a moment
my memories have no place to go
what is salient no longer matters
as tears have ceased flowing and
the ache in my heart no longer tolls

Monday, October 19, 2015

life's path

so many paths i’ve taken
observing many a tree, cherishing
many a flower, in the many hours of walking by

i look around, watch the swift of wind
play with the daisies and the violets
and the pansies as they dance to and fro

every morning’s yellow radiant light
awakens to my souls delight
for another stroll into the night

today i walk another trail grey clouds
follow from above as my eyes witness
with the years, now a different shade of light

thus i wonder, on those paths i've walked,  
the pansies and the daisies, from before, are they
still dancing, though delicately now, in the wind ?

*dedicated to an artist, a grandfather, a father, a husband, a friend lost to tragedy but remembered.
  in life’s path we encounter many a flower. later we walk a different trail and wonder if that flower
  from before still sways in the wind. to find out a swift of wind has taken it to its resting place

   tim macdonald, RIP

Sunday, October 18, 2015

love’s commitment

quietly we sit side by side

back and forth we rock while staring

into the mirror of lapsing time

arms around each other much like

identical twins conjoined at birth

as we embrace we look at our reflection

into each other’s face that stare back at us

now with folds on our cheek and brow

our smiles evince of dignity amidst the grey

 on the edges of my hair line and on

hers still with the same flowing beauty

she has displayed all along always next to me

so quickly through time we’ve traveled as

both mothers, a brother too young and a 'pup' our

child recently departed leave us with their memory

and still within us we breathe their breath

we reflect upon our journey hand in hand

with a promise to each other made so many

moons and suns before, to be apart nevermore

Friday, October 2, 2015

my friend, my boy

my heart is tugged by inconsolable pain
like ‘angel falls’, tears fall from sleepless eyes
yelping cries come loud from inside my head
my love is wrenched from within my soul

he lumbers about without sight or sound
his insides in discord and spins round and round
the verve, the joy seem to have waned
oh spirit of love, shall i release him from his pain

if you do not hear from me for a while, my friends
i am residing deep in the darkness of my soul
am cogitating upon the choice i must make
asking the universal spirit, his soul to take

if i could i’d exchange one small moment
of reprieve from his angst from the turmoil
he seems to live in his dreams and then
i would pray to his angel to give him peace

soon, all too soon a calm shall embrace his soul
he’ll dream the good dream and walk amidst
the river’s bank where he used to chase the geese
the squirrels, the leaves, the swirling wind

my friend, tell those you meet in your heaven
of our walks, of our talks, how we held
each other when no one else was around
i give you half of my heart to take with you
until our two halves meet again, my boy

Monday, September 28, 2015

calm and content

when corners are rounded
sharpness of edge are honed
the prickly of vitriol is mitigated
anger and hate, atoned

contentment in a life of extremes
is the soft breeze in the dawn
the glitter of but a few stars
winking behind the cloud covered sky

solitude provides room and space
to the charm of nature’s heraldry
and the songs of the ocean wave
while in it's wake the osprey play

in quiet and calm, a spring of knowledge come
this fruit is gathered in wisdom’s abode
and all other distractions no longer matter
for there’s love of peace and the peace of love


Sunday, September 20, 2015

death be gone

i wish to talk to you about your imposition
you knocked upon my door when first i was born
and then when life was hard and much a burden
you teased me, enticed me with a supposed calm,
you said you'd end my anguish, my pain and my tears

when light appeared you would cloak me in your darkness
and as i walked upon a path of prickly pebbles reminding
me of the diurnal verve of life you’d place a shard of jagged
stone underneath my tender naked feet to remind me
of whence the light evinces that your dark so too resides

and when the wraps of Love did embrace me after so long
a query…" could i ever be afforded the wealth of such,
could my days and nights of longing be sated by its touch"
and so thus when its warmth finally availed my arms, my 
finger tips, you came and stole it, ripped it from my heart  

you’ve tattered my spirit upended my soul
and have raped me of the nature of my being
not allowing me either to quench my thirst or fill
my belly with the pleasures abided in this mundane abode
with your tugs and tows you tear apart my heart and soul

but to this end i do not fail to tell you
that until my destiny is fulfilled, telling of the Love
i feel and shields me from your unrelenting pull
the life within me shall not to your will descend
await your turn, be gone be gone, death be gone  


Friday, September 11, 2015

love dusk to dawn

tears also flow from the big and strong
they fall lightly though, most times unnoticed
when they scream alone in a space of quiet
silence falls on ears, unseen through eyes
of others

they carry upon their shoulders
many burdens brought to them
which is what they choose to do
for the weak, for those alone
and for the elders

but in this strength that they profess
to possess, a weakness in their heart
devours them so too in their soul a sense
ef demise envelops them thinking 
no one cares, no one knows

they’ve embraced the characteristics of love
its empathy attire, its cornucopia of humanity
some days they lend a shoulder and in
other days they share its wares and wealth

even the big and strong witness sadness for
those lost in life and those touched by death
and for sure to be forlorn by the loss of a
child who only in memory they'll be adorned

the bigger the heart the more it hurts, it hurts
and in their soul tears flow and flow
for they now know their strength came not
from brawn but from inside their loving heart
for this they are remembered after they are gone
much like the stars to night, like dusk to dawn


Thursday, September 10, 2015

a walk

today i walked softly gently so as not to disturb
the tiny saplings and clovers on the bank of
this river’s bend quietly so as not to upend
the sound of the running stream o’er the
stones and sticks, slowly so as not to distract
little minnows swimming in their abode

i share this walk today with my two pups
jaz, my girl, as she jumps to try to catch
a butterfly that ascends surprisingly from the
clover and grass and my jules, my boy, who is
now aged deaf and blind but his head rapidly
sways back and forth his nose close to the ground
experiencing with his keen sense of smell
and ears that hear the butterflies wings flap

this river bank is where my solitude resides
where my haven of many reflecting moons
off the pristine water and the many dusks
and dawns holding many of my life’s diurnal
moans and tears and only the gentle breezes
still hold my secrets of when i learned to listen,
to breathe in deep in calm and peace and
hence i learned to see beyond myself

many a song i’ve sat here singing to the willows
whose fingers now hover over and touch the stream
to the maples who would gather the shade for me
to sit under as i would jot with pen and paper
my thoughts of dreams and love and a journey yet
to come. so here i am in my return, to thank the
willow and the maple for the wisdom they imparted
upon my nature.

a walk well worth my steps, severing my ties with ennui