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Saturday, November 21, 2015

how dare you interrupt

how dare you smile at me
cause me curiosity
tease my heart like a test
take my hand without request
upon your cheek i’d leave a kiss
when you don’t see me
i sigh in comforted bliss

how dare you look up at me
with those puppy eyes
ask of me to share
love without condition,
place your paw upon my knee
to stroke the softness of your hair
as you lay your head
upon the heart of me

and mamasita, how dare to fill me
with memories of how you cared
you placed upon my shoulders
a blanket and a warm embrace
you changed my diaper
and combed my hair,
when some called me names
you’d wipe my tears of despair
for the many that did not care

how dare you interrupt me
depleting my lungs of breath,
speeding a rush of blood
through me and to my head,
my heart palpitates in a race,
not to drown in life but to tread

how dare you interrupt me with love  

this is what ‘thanksgiving’ is to me: my wife, mi mamasita, my pups jaz and jules (i miss you so much), to  friends who are still by my side and those who have departed but at one moment in time we shared hearts