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Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Moment of Smiles

Time for me to cease from being disgruntled
It's a waste of time being disappointed
on all those who frown instead of smile
Also, being disenchanted of world issues
that are beyond my control
Today I must smile and try to persuade others
to release, for but a moment, their personal angst
to wipe those tears and force a smile
To, but for a moment, distract
one from their reality
that will surely be there afterward
In the ‘bigger picture’, in the realm of the Universe
if the forecast or prediction of the
Mayan or Aztec calendars come to fruition
then what is all this worrying for
and why not choose to smile
For soon pain and sorrow will no longer be
nor will war or religion be the catalyst
that ends or purports to sustain life as we know it
in this mundane existence
We should choose from this moment on
to listen to the music we love
to smile upon those we love
to embrace what we love
Smile and Love.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dream in Tears

Once again and for a few nights
in the last few weeks
my dream takes me to a place
and time into a space where
the faces that surround me
are those of my siblings.
Some no longer reside
in this mundane existence
The face of my ‘Mama’
envelops my every turn
and every vocal exchange.
She’s transitioned from this world this phase,
now, over three years prior to these dreams.
The space this dream fills and where I find myself
dwelling, sadly and tragically, no longer stands.
A house that has long been demolished
along with my early childhood soulful memories
replaced by a school and church parking lot.
Ironically the space now belongs
to the church and school where we,
all the faces in my dream, were educated and inculcated
from the earliest years of when we all ran, played
and went to church, where all these faces in my dream
last shared the same space.

Every time I've awaken, abruptly, with tears
streaming down my face
in an anguished sadness for how we all
no longer speak and those still ‘living’
have become estranged from a once loving
time and space.