Saturday, November 21, 2020

i am you, you are me


i’ve seen so many faces in my life and time

grateful for smiles but too many frowns

with enough pain to go around


have sat in silence to witness and listen

to the whispers of life in attempts to

understand why i think, why i breathe


the tree that hovers o’er me has shared

some of its wisdom imparted by the gentle

breezes of the wind only if i sit quiet, still


the running stream waves at me to catch my

attention to tell me of what it has seen

through its bends and turns


one day i shall put into words what mine

eyes have seen, my ears have heard, my

hands have touched and my heart has felt


whoever shall read the writ of my words will 

look up from them, breathe in deeply and sigh

for they will then realize they are not alone

Thursday, November 19, 2020

river runs without me, still


went to sit on the river’s bank

where i used to more frequently in

earlier days when my spirit needed

to be healed, be rejuvenated and

needing to understand myself, my

place in Nature and the universe


sat back on the incline of the bank

listening to the running water clash

upon stones and fallen branches and

the chorus of feathered friends perched

on branches of weeping willows that

hover somber o’er the river and me


i look down the one side of the river

bank and notice a pair of empty shoes

skillfully placed together and asked

myself…where and I hope not, that

whose shoes they belong, they did not

decide to leave them behind forever


sauntering up to go look closer to the

shoes i feel cool grass blades between

my toes and looking down and i have

no shoes on then realizing i had dozed

off into a spiritual trance forgetting I’d

removed my shoes to feel the earth


am grateful that the river doesn’t have

a foreign interloper swimming lifeless

with the catfish on the bottom with the

muck and so i walk over to pick up my

shoes to stroll another day amidst the

somber willows, the river and sky above

Monday, November 16, 2020

love of calm


again, i’m feeling a calm, a restful spirit

though the years are running hurriedly past

and my reveries are filled with memories

as i sit here still pondering life


the wind is blowing with the years

and the leaves dance about while the

now golden sea of grasses sway like



the clouds soaring by now grey in the sky

and denuded trees of their leaves,

the now bear limbs no longer give shelter

to the squirrels or blue jays


at dusk, the sun lights the sky with fire

and the moon arrives early making haste

of the presence of Orion and Polaris careful

not to fall into the pan of Ursa Major


so in this elderly abode where i reside

i am grateful for the years on this ride

and when it comes time for my everlasting

sleep, i wish my spirit to remember Love

just a stroll


i found this path i wish to walk upon
and i would like for you to take my hand
let us stroll amidst the radiance of colors
life is sharing with us
we may step on a stone that is sharply edged
or come onto a large boulder or fallen branch
must be maneuvered around yet we know this
path continues beyond these challenges
with us holding hands while traversing on this
path we feel each other's support and more
importantly sense our pulses, hearts beating
as one and together carry on
let us look up and around, witness the russets
red and gold of Autumn, listen to the orchestra
of singing feathered friends and fauna rustling
about snickering and watching us
there is much to be said about a quiet stroll with
another spirit to share a moment, being present
while gathering visions of Nature's dress, consuming
memories that feed the heart and soul
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Thursday, November 5, 2020

fickle now my days


fickle, oh so fickle are the days where

one day my spirit is enthralled just by

opening mine eyes to awaken to the

morning’s delight, walking thru my day’s

sojourn and then waving at the sun as it

lays to rest for the day and i smile at the

stars and moon as they arrive to watch

o’er life’s nocturnal stay


the next day my arms and legs, my mind

recognize the many years worn and the

feebleness of my body and spirit to rise

and greet the day wondering what will

 come of it, not in joyous exuberance but

in the challenges that may occur to wane

my lifting spirit or to cause my heart to

lament and mine eyes filled with tears


i beckon the spirit of the universe to share

with me its wisdom as to how to make a

choice that will lift me once more to that

time when once my youth filled spring of

spirit abound and these cruel years of age

with the pangs be assuaged and the angst

of life’s slings mitigated, so that my years

left, and i will rise to the delight of day 

and sleep gently in the night



Saturday, October 31, 2020

life can be thorny


a sunflower became entangled in a thorn bush

whilst the wind blew strong but the flower

was saved from being uprooted because of the

sturdiness of the bush and so it was grateful

to live and thrive another day with the sun,

and the moon and stars at night


smile or be kind to someone today,

be their thorn bush…

Monday, October 26, 2020

for love sake


the flower loves the sun, the sun loves the earth

the wind loves it because it rotates then lets it blow

in day and night where the stars love the dark

and moon loves the sea for its waves and tides


and the tree loves the rain, the birds love its

branches and as the wind lift their feathers to

fly high up to the mountain tops that kiss the

sky as the clouds hover by


and my heart and spirit love all this and i wish

that when my dreams then become reveries as

the morn arrives and i awaken to a heart next

to mine that loves me, in the like

Friday, October 23, 2020

remembering innocence

 wherefore, is the innocent spirit of my youth,

when i used to run fast and carefree and

my heart would flutter with love knowing at

at home were family, neighbors and friends


i would run bare feet through streets and parks

stop by a small creek, get on my knees and drink

from the stream, feel refreshed then run home

to the waft of mamasita’s tortillas


music filled the air, the space inside our casita,

mamsita was always singing and we would

join in, my five brothers, sister and i, to sing

along with talented harmony


yes, I miss the innocence of those days where

the truth of the heart superseded the struggle,

the strife, the anguish and pain of sorrow when

having little to eat, yet we had each other



Thursday, October 15, 2020

grateful for love within


if the spirit of the universe allows mine eyes

to open for another waking day, i shall try

not to be overjoyed when i see the sun rise

for then my sadness will be great when it

descends onto the horizon


and when the moon and stars give light

to the noir of night, i shall beckon my heart

not to flutter too much in delight for then

i will not wish to close mine eyes and gather

peaceful dreams from the world beyond


but through this challenged sojourn, i shall

not diminish or mitigate the sense of love

that resides within, for it is for this, that i

truly am grateful to the spirit of this universe  

in giving me another night and day

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

smile, remember me


remember me, i was that face you walked by

and your eyes chose not to capture mine


i dared to smile but you did not acknowledge me

and because of this my day went unfulfilled


remember me when last I said hello and you

did not respond, so my breath became shallow


i am that faceless number that is posted in your

nightly news but you know not why or how


i am one of those many thousands that soon will

be forgotten except for them who knew and loved me


when next i walk by, please smile at me or say hello

 for not only will my essence be, you will remember me

a day with music


my heart is rendered harmless

my spirit rests on a cloud of euphoria

and my cognition is suspended in the irrational

when mine ears capture cat strings plucked by masters


is it the timber and vibrations of pure sounds from music

that make my heart flutter and my breath quicken when

recognizing that the presence of my being is also of the same

waves modulating, wherefor, the intrinsic make-up of the ‘all’?


i believe this to be true, for the more i understand the wisdom

the ‘wind-whispers’ bring to mine ears whilst strolling in the path

where trees sway freely, and the birds sing their songs of joy

as the sun rises to awaken them and then the moon and

the stars provide for their nights’ nocturnal rest

Monday, September 28, 2020

in my days left


these days and nights before me, many less

than those behind, i shall speak words of kindness

and affection, shall write words clearly defining

the beauty that mine eyes behold, the gentle

kisses of sunny day breezes and the waft of

petrichor as Nature cleanses in the rain


mine ears shall closely listen to the sounds of

dusk and dawning’s as the nocturnal critters chirp

and songbirds sing to my awakening while the

warm rays from the golden burning eye begins

to rise in the horizon soothingly kissing the flora

and fauna to awaken from sleep


my heart and my spirit shall inspire my voice

to speak of those things that are attuned to words

of human growth, that which is; filling empty bellies,

giving safe shelter for those without, mitigating

the illness and woes of so many and assuaging the

pain of their angst, dissuading the vileness of hate


shall open my arms to anyone wanting a warm

embrace and will share my nominal riches of

wealth with those in need and i shall chant and

sing verses of kindness and love to those who are

within my reach, to those who share in the same,

of heart and spirit

Saturday, September 26, 2020

but for a moment


…my mind is busy with juxtaposed thoughts of

ramblings and misgivings, intermittent nostalgia,

faces pictured in my memory no longer a call away

for where their souls reside need not a phone and

those who are still in the reach of my warm embrace

have since journeyed onto their chosen paths now

distantly ascended from mine


sometimes i wish to live the life of the quiet and

stillness of a sunflower who sways with the wind,

kissing the rays of the sun by day, letting bees and

butterflies upon its stamen play by day then under

the moon’s light kisses, the night’s lacrimal dew

rest on its petals awaiting to impress upon the

morning with its glittering delight


if i could be, for a moment, a mountain with my

head in the clouds or the sea crashing its waves

on promontories on shores letting sand between

its tides as they ebb and flow, or even to be a tree

where lovely birds perch and sing upon my limbs,

while breezes rustle my leaves

Saturday, September 5, 2020

i love, therefore, i am


does the tree know when the bird perches on its limb,

the daisy, does it know when the bee buzzes about

and does the river know when the salmon swims in its

running stream much like me being cognizant of my

rambling thoughts, my deep breaths, the ache in

my heart for my fellow man?


the cardinal, does it know what song to whistle in order

to call attention to herself letting others know of her

presence and although our canine child responds to our

demands, does she really love us the way we love her or

is her love more innocent, pure and selfless?


when the eagle soars o’er looking down at the wolf

howling are they sharing their views as when the

sun lends its light to the moon at night are they aware

of each other’s purpose to help grow the flora and make

the tides of the seas ebb and flow for marine life to thrive

and grow?


and when the breath of life is no longer present in me,

will what mine eyes have seen, my ears have heard,

my taste buds tasted, my fingers sensitively touched,

and my spirit has danced to, will all this persist to exist

somewhere in the realm of the universe, most importantly,

will I remember love and will it remember me?



Thursday, August 27, 2020

transition and change


Like the daisy who in Spring sprouts with ebullience

for it sees the sun above and feels and the soft gentle

breath of Nature on its petals that prods it to dance

in the breeze in celebration to its new beginnings


So too did I, when youth filled my being, did dance

about every morning of my waking t’if my innocence

was the gift of life never to be forsaken. The Spring

of my youth was the weave of my attire always to

be worn, never thinking it to be frayed or stripped


But to my despair and awakening, not only has my

Innocence been taken, my youthful exuberance has

waned, not because mine eyes see less clear, my arms,

my legs no longer with the same strength, no longer

run with prancing deer


This unnerving and less than desired transition from

youthful energy comes not just from an unavoidable

aging and time but because some ‘one’ and his enablers

now are clouding o’er the shining light of dreams

and hopes for not just me but for most in ‘our country’


Too many are in queues for food handouts, those who

can only their love ones from behind glass enclosed

spaces who may or may not survive their medical malady,

those whose children have been separated from family

and are in cages, those who have been stripped of dignity

and are now jobless and homeless, those who fear to leave

their home for fear of violence because of pigment…


Our societal dystopia has now been made real, exacerbated

by an insidious pandemic, by lack of addressing the historic

societal woes by enabling voices that are propagating hate

and lies in denial of the inherent systemic racism, sexism

homophobia now being drawn out from the once hidden of

its pervasiveness, all now being prodded and fueled, by ‘one’  

vitriolic voice…


conduit from me to thee


and like the ocean whose presence is

the world where marine life exists and

giving aesthetic value with its teal blue

by day, black in the noir of night


and so too the azure sky who garners  

puffy figurines on its face casting shadows

below and silhouettes of osprey soar about

watching o’er the mirror of the ocean’s floor


and like grand mountain peaks keeping

the sky from falling while at their base tall

sequoias stand sturdy letting streams of melting

tops run down and through their rooted feet


all, know their purpose in Nature’s arms

while I sit here wondering …what am I to be

in the scheme of all this? a conduit of the heart

and eyes to see, passing on from me to thee?

super synchrony, a balance


strength comes from understanding the balance

of ‘ Being’ in the likes of Nature and the spirit of

the Universe, the ‘super-synchrony’; that which

is within in sync with the external, the ‘all’, the ‘one’.


my strength is; allowing a free flow of emotions to be

expressed, thoughts, by choice, directed toward the

positive nature of a progressive mindset but being

careful not to restrict the free flow of creativity, for

‘imagination is more important than knowledge…’


the sturdiness and strength of a great Sequoia or a

grand old Oak come from their rooted feet where

underneath they drink from the water of streams and

the nutriments of the Earth while above from the rain,

nutrient from the Sun, dancing with the wind as it

whistles through its limbs and rustles its leaves


and as i sit underneath on rooted feet of this large

Elm hovering o’er my backyard, i listen to the cardinal

the robin, the sparrow and wren perched on its limbs,

i sit quiet, become selfless as the dusk arrives, and we

wave goodnight to the sun, welcome the stars and moon

as they arrive dressed in their night attire



Nature's Song


when a storm of rain comes down in torrents,

the wind blows with intent of destruction

and the gray of clouds displays of portentous,

i listen to the universal vibrations of music

my heart is soothed, my spirit calming


music lets me smile in the face of despair when

much around me is in aridity, of lament and woes,

while pain and suffering deride the peace that

should be inherent in the vestibule of Nature’s

plan with the Sun by day and stars delight by night


if your heart is aching and your spirit torn and you

have not access to a piano, a music box or horn

then choose to take a moment and listen to birds

for they are singing praises, the vibrations of

Nature’s song

Saturday, August 1, 2020

glitter of love

Ah, the waft of petrichor,
titillating tiny droplets find
their way down to verdant feet
where they were meant to lay
and give a sparkle to the otherwise
grey of day

t’is the fondness of this moment
that incites reveries and will paint
upon the canvas of my memory, to
sometime in the future, avail me of
a fondness in nostalgia

soft classical piano guitar fills the room
while still i can hear the cardinals and
sparrows praising Nature’s early day as
i sit here looking out our front room’s window
with my arm around my wife and our two
children of canine genetic descent

of this, i inhale a breath of joy hence life
has provided me and am grateful of this
wonderous gift that has been bestowed upon
me, so with a smile and a soft and slighted tiny
tear, i thank Life’s Spirit for showing me this
glitter of ‘Love’

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

music reminds me of her reminds me of her...
she knows not when i cast mine
eyes upon her whilst her face
doth capture the light of day and
the wind whispers to the flower
my heart flutters with a joy that is
not present in her absence like the
night without the stars and moon
or the day with clouds of gray
in her presence my spirit dances
my soul rejoices and savors from
the carafe that holds the sweet
of life’s drink