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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

heavenly dreams

the indigo face of the sky
with it’s powdered cheeks of white
gives way to the gold and yellow
of the Sun’s warm smile

and the winds breath is barely felt
for the trees will have none of it
as it stands still, listening to the Cardinal
at its rooted feet a child sits with mommy

softly the child asks …”mommy what kind of
flower is that…”mama says “,that’s a lily”
and the child asks “mama, and that one”
…”that’s an iris”…”how about that one, mommy”
…”oh, that is a purple tulip” and the child asks
“ oh, mommy look at that one it’s beautiful, what
Is the name of that one”, mommy restlessly says
“ that’s a poppy that will help us dream” and child
says…”they look so much alike, do they know
their names”? …mama with a smile says…”I don’t
think they do my little one, we name them
so that we know which one is which but they know
we appreciate their beauty”, and the
child then asks …”does this tree know that we’re
lying here”…mama, ”oh yes”…”where did daddy go”
child looks up at mommy… and with a solemn
breath and a discreet tear, mama whispers in her
ear…”daddy had to go to Heaven and talk to
God and ask Her if we can come and visit”…
“do they have lilies and tulips and iris there, mommy”
“oh yes my child”, mama somberly attests…”they have
beautiful ones there, my child .”when will daddy tell
us what God said, mommy”…“daddy will tell us if we
close our eyes and lay down here quietly and let him
speak through our dreams”

a soft wind begins to blow on the denuded stems of the
lily, the tulip, the iris and the poppies as they sway to
and fro and the tree looks down to witness their sleep
and the indigo sky reflects on their skin as the warmth
of the Sun’s kiss begins to cool on their skin as the pedals
of the flowers grow inside their bellies

the noir of the night with the twinkle in the eyes of stars
and the wink of the moon say goodnight to the resting Sun
and to mommy and child who lay at the rooted feet
of the tree who watches over them as they dream their
heavenly dreams

Friday, May 5, 2017

silence cloaked in Love

my heart breaks in pieces
when she pushes me away
not physically but in silence
if I ask…how are you doing?
‘…I’m fine, leave me alone’

i know love has many faces
yet still, they reflect a common one
and when Love reaches out
and not reciprocated in the same
confusion entangles it, disheartened

she walks around in anguish
not knowing of her body’s infirmity
what it’s saying, what it’s doing
but her mind avails itself to withdraw
and silence cloaks her

in me, pain is real inside the heart
it projects of being disheartened
by her silence in an otherwise
noise filled day and so a query ensues
…why Love? you should not have 'disdain'

and as i walk away i'm filled with a vacuous feeling
feeling and a helplessness bathes me, a frustration
sets in from obfuscation where i thought
our Love is one of being; a giving and sharing
throughout our intertwined path in this sojourn

my heart tries to understand her selfless
an intent of distancing me, her partner, from 
that darkness, the anguish, the pain inside her 
but is not the very nature of these what feeds 
and nourishes the belly of Love?

…let me bleed upon you, papyrus and pen,
let my tears soak your dress in solemnity
for this purges my anguish my pain and in
this catharsis i gain as i walk beside her
in her silence yet cloaked with my Love 

Thursday, April 27, 2017

the stars last night

the stars last night rendered
melancholy, sadness, joy, a smile.
gathered nostalgia gathered dreams
and reveries assembled the souls
that share, under them, the night

a cool crisp April breeze hovered
whilst the energy left behind in the
absence of the Sun, yet, still watching
from the other side of the hem
on Earth’s horizon, awaiting

those whose eyes no longer see
this Night’s renderings for they
now sleep underneath the blanket
of eternity on the Universe’s bed
witness something grander

sooner rather than later, to join you,
the fear of my departure from this,
the mundane no longer resides within
for i have walked my path in my sojourn
and like all things, i await my leave

i thank the Stars, the Moon, the Sun
the Wind, the Seas, the Eagle and the Wolf
i thank the spirit of Earth and Nature’s breath
for sharing their wisdom, explaining  of Love
when my days seemed futile and deprived.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

entropy enmity for life

‘…suddenly, there came a rapping,
tapping, tapping at my chamber door,
t’is it was and nothing more…’

…you have come and tapped so often at my door
and I have but put my ear to it, soon I will
come and open it…

is it sadness and entropy that engenders such
enmity for life or might it be enthusiastic anticipation
upon the entering a blissful transcendence?

For Magaly Guerrero: imaginary garden with real toads/Twitter Me a Gothic Poem

sharing Spring

a Gander, mama and two goslings
stop by to visit in the mornings now,
two fortnights passing

i will hang sugar water rest stops
for the avian scurrying hummingbirds
to siphon out like fuel until next stop

at dusk, the sun waves, ‘nighty-night’,
with its crimson fingers to lie down
and rest its diurnal warm attire

then come twinkling those gleeful
diamonds of the night sky to dance
around the watchful smiling moon

the wafts of blooming buds fill the air
as the wind gently tickles them to rise
and gather onto the hem of Spring’s dress

i’m grateful for how many of these mornings 
i have witnessed that so many have not had the
privilege, so with our transcendent souls,
i share all this

Saturday, April 8, 2017

my soul to take

what did her little body do
her soul asked
taken so abruptly so violently

don’t cry, papi, daddy
i now soar with the soul
of the Universe, at peace

it is you, whose body
must witness and suffer
the pangs of war

it is you who must
run and hide from those
who wish you harm

there are no tears
where I now reside
only smiles awaiting you

for all of you who saw
my limp and lifeless body
i need it no longer

do not lament for me
speak of kindness and truth
only this can garner
Peace and love

Friday, March 24, 2017

vestige in our souls

when gray clouds entangle
the fingers of the Sun
and the wind is angered
separating the petals on flowers
the leaves on trees
birds stay perched on limbs
and critters take cover
a portentousness, amidst

my breath is shallow
the beat of my heart hastens
there’s a beading sweat on my brow
an angst derives in the silence
of my mind not by choice but by
obfuscation of morning’s quiet,
the day’s beginning

wherefore, does this come
what is this that offends my soul
that the universal spirit decries
in the dissonance of harmony
where even commonality is possible
in the flailing of chaos and an
odiousness evinces via an ominous face

i am, we are, witness to this at present by
an insidiousness of vitriol and vile hatred
having been enabled by the demons of
money and power, taking our hearts and
our souls into a cavern of dismay where
but a  morsel of hope is left that somehow
all this will go away

helplessness, though, is not our makeup
this is when we turn up our music and sing
our songs, when we paint our pictures
and write our poetry and prose to garner
and feed our creativity and not let this 
be taken from us for it is this, our
last vestige of armor, that will protect
us and defeat our foe

Saturday, February 18, 2017

My heart is broken

I post this, my voice, for those who
know me, and those who are
protesting in harms way. Although I have
been a citizen of the U.S.A. now for
forty years, I still feel a discomfort.
I still feel the angst that surrounds
our every day existence because of the  
hate and overt vitriol against my ethnicity
and people of color. The unfair distribution and
application of community standards are being
amplified with prejudice. I carry with me, in my
car a copy of my citizenship papers. Many
innocent lives will and have already been
disrupted. Does ‘America’ still have
a heart? Does Lady Liberty still welcome,
still embrace? 

In the last couple of days I’ve seen a
mother extricated from her children, in front
of them. A son removed from his home
in front of his dad and family. In both cases
they were ‘dreamers’ or at least non-criminal
individuals that had been given assurances
by our government that they would be okay if
they maintained a good citizenship. This promise
was distressingly broken by ‘our’ government

His face, the son's, is my face. Her face, the mother's,
is my sister’s face. He looks like I did at his age. 
She like my sister. In their lives there was innocence 
and joy with thoughts of a ‘dream’ being within his 
and her grasp, now not to be, never to be witnessed.
Before this interruption, disruption, his and her faces,
Reflected unquestionable characterized mannerisms
of longing to be accepted by others, by America.
Accepted by even those who would feign a smile
The smiles would come with duplicitous sneers
of rejection along with that all too evident
disdain and prejudice just because of a
bias toward a different tone in skin color,
the black hair and the misunderstood language.
The attempt to assimilate has been made problematic
and challenging brought forth by the country,
the society they, we have so wanted to be a part of, 
wanted to love and be loved. Obstacles after obstacles 
have been placed before them, before us. A no longer
welcoming, embracing society.

Now, the evil representation of this government
with the evil one at the helm dictating the fascist agenda
has come to disrupt their worlds, my world.
They have violently extracted them and my, along
with many other hearts and souls from their mundane
normal of comfort while many others around are unaffected  
by this intrusion upon of their normal daily experience and
without the moment to moment fear, day and night
of being separated from brother, and sister, father and mother,
friends, neighbors...from life.

I know that there are some who are empathetic
but they battle their own personal unresolved  
attitudes compartmentalized that have been insidiously
inculcated in them as a result of a continuum of
bombardment with misinformation and demonization
of people based on ethnicities and nationalities yet the 
Latino face seems to be the one that has been posterized
as being representative of an ‘illegal’. One who has ‘dangerously’
and supposedly come to America, ‘illegally’, to rob you
and others of their riches and jobs. This having been,
subconsciously, implanted although, ill-conceived,

Those with still some compassion understand and
feel the disruption of life that has been taking place yet
they flail about not knowing what to do, how to respond
and support a fair resolution. All the while, the Latino 
victims and their families continue shaking in fear in
unceasing exhaustion from the sleepless nights. 
They are filling churches as their only temporary reprieve
from this Hell, while others, not so lucky, lay alone in a cold,
windowless cage, where the smell of iron-raw steel bars
is ever present and wailing cries are heard coming
from other containing cells of other children and mothers,
fathers and brothers, awaiting their destiny.

Welcome to America? 

Thursday, February 9, 2017

will i remember this

if i’m not here tomorrow
no longer of this earthen bound
and i am left here wondering,

will the air i now breath,
the waft of lilac and the
vision of yellow color pedals
on a sunflower

will i in my next journey
remember the breath of this air,
recall the colors my eyes now
behold of flowers before me?

the whisperings of trees,
running of the streams,
the songs of my avian friends
and howling of crying wolves

my lips sipping on wine
sating my imbibing desire
the taste of strawberries
dipped in cream
and the sentience of my being as
my arms embrace my dear with love
while our hearts flutter in sync
both from smiles and from tears

i wish to remember all this
as i’m cast into this journey’s
end and my soul ascends to meet
with others onto another universe,
a transcending wind

Thursday, February 2, 2017

kindly embrace

be witness to thy gatherings
nurture and embrace their value
for it is they who make thee
whether joy or laments
both being the attire of one’s ware

for if and when the sun rises
after a dismissive moon of sleep
the garden of thy pickings
shall be where one plays
and thus one's nutriment 

be giving and be kind for this
is what provides the sweetness
of the day and gives comfort to thy
pillow where the head rests at night
and one’s dreams shall be of joy

this life is but a pathway of where
the soul shall ultimately reside
and it will remember the gatherings
of one’s embrace, the path one took
while playing in its garden

and so too, the universal spirit
shall reward thee with the infinity
of riches made only from the best
of all that came before thee
and all that will come after

Thursday, January 12, 2017

a lonely heart

i feel vulnerable
like a daffodil in the wind
a ripple in an ocean’s wave
an unrequited heart

the day begins
with the Sun’s piercing eye
and the cotton curtains
swaying, swaying
in the sky

like Bambi alone in the woods
or a single wolf’s howl
nor caws or chirps heard
amidst trees in the forest
can fill this empty space

tears have gathered
to soothe my lonely heart
although love tapped me
on my shoulder, we now
have grown apart

hear my susurrus cry
muffle the pain inside
oh please, peace and calm
embrace my aching heart
let not her soul depart

Sunday, January 8, 2017

my quiet moment

my quiet moment, my silent space
except for the meditative stream of music
streaming in my ears, into my emotions

so many hours, days, weeks and years
i've sat alone, by choice, to rejuvenate 
my 'being', awaken my waiting soul

i think of love  and of peace and calm,
while fingers of darkness touch my arm,
solemnity envelops me in this, surround

my riches are many, i have found love,
she walks like an angel soft and unbound
my heart in her hands, she spins around

in youth, i knew little about love
thought a smile and soft touch was enough
maybe it was yet, hadn't drunk from life’s trough  

i sit in reflection, quiet in this silence of space
which i choose to breathe in lieu of the anger outside
so when my time arrives into the endless silence in space
i will have witnessed many a Sunrise and Sunset,

have witnessed the Moon and Stars dance in the night
as they smile and wink at each other from afar, 
will have seen and breathed the verdant grass and waft
of trees, tasted fresh stream water, not just in dreams

in this quiet time of reflection a fondness of recollection
for those that i love, of those that i cherished
loving hugs from my four legged family members
and those of my love and her heart entwined in mine

Saturday, January 7, 2017

sharing is okay

shall begin my day
my eyes will look around
take three deep breaths
and listen for every sound
shall say my thanks to Love
and those that have shared
their heart and soul with mine
both, now in their ‘heaven’ and
those still in my world that surround

when my steps enter into the world
today, i shall smell the flower and i will
face to the west, let the wind blow the
hair on my head, witness birds and
squirrels at play, hold the hand of my love
and try, through her eyes, witness the things
that place that lovely smile on her face and i
shall gather them all in my arms like a bouquet
to show the world …when there’s Love in Life
when all is shared, makes everything okay

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

shelter in Love's abode

Love keeps me resilient and strong
and my partner, my friend has been
the conduit of love within, so i
wish never, of her hand, to let go

like perennials, dandelions, daisies, we
awaken by the fingers touch of the Sun,
the breath of the wind, the gentle tapping,
soothing of raindrops, resplendence to the land

when the day comforts after a restful sleep,
a calm embraces the heart and the universe
shares our smile when all is well
...our souls to keep

but recently a gray cloud has hovered
over us, my love and me, descending onto
moments of solemnity, rearranging the rhythm
of our spirits from that comforted place
into a disarray, a disheveled attire, a sad face

Sun’s gentle warmth now beats in a scorch
the gentle fingers of the wind now swirl about
pulling petals off, tearing leaves from their stem 
and the drizzle of rain now falls in torrents,
our resilience and strength is tested by that
ominous cloud woefully hovering 

but our hands hold tight day and night
weathering the gray and stormy skies
though trickling teardrops come like a
waterfall display as our intertwined hearts 
take shelter in Love’s abode and our souls
shall together journey, forever, into the ‘light’  

*we were recently diagnosed with the ugly ‘C’ . in two weeks will go under the knife
removing a tumor/cyst and find out whether cancerous or benign. 
prayers or positive energy is welcome

Wednesday, December 21, 2016


i am transcendent of an Eagle
from two lives before
my soul remains the same
though, now incarnate is my lair

i am here now, as a descendant
of Aztec lineage which makes
my spirit strong with defiance
to fight the evil’s ware

the spirit of Eagle is still within 
the choice in this transition calls for
me to sharpen my beak with patience
preen and pluck the unneeded feathers
grow new strong talons for the battles ahead

Sunday, December 18, 2016

awaken with a smile

today, i awaken with a smile
breathe the air of life
hearing its song
tasting its sustenance

i step one foot at a time
into the day because today
i’m able to walk

if you see me in passing
and return my smile
i'll know that your heart,
your soul is in the same place
as mine

i'll pass mine on
and you do also
and our smile will
go on and on and on

be kind to one another
for that is how joy begins
such to be the make-up
of the soul within