Monday, November 29, 2021

my footprints remembered


i sit still, quiet, but with soft instrumental

music streaming, surrounding me, my heart

and spirit join as one in this moment of

solitude and introspection


the vibrations of the soft violin and acoustic

guitar strings incite my brain waves to traverse

thoughts about the footsteps left behind and

the path where they have taken me


realizing that the grass blades that had entwined  

under my feet as i traversed on my life’s sojourn

will never be pressed under my feet again and i

wonder if my avian friends that sang to me as

i walked by, will they remember me?   


Sunday, November 28, 2021

a reflection


a brisk cool has pierced the warmth of my abode,

it has chilled my uncovered bare feet, awaken me

and interrupted my nocturnal reverie as i open

mine eyes to witness the beginning of one more

day in the Gregorian calendar, and so in a few

more weeks, another annum of trying moments

will soon come to rest in my memory, in history


and like many, many others having tussled through

these last few years, resiliently pushed on with a

mindful conviction and personal commitment that

life shall provide better days ahead with choices

of surrounding oneself with kinder people, with

those that have common convictions of creating

our future days filled with kindness, love vs hate

Saturday, November 6, 2021

my heart beats on


when the fog of shadows lift, mine eyes see light

although my shoulders ache and my legs struggle,

still with verve, i move about


there are moments every day, every sleepless

night where my body wishes to cease to move

but my mind trudges on, so too my spirit


i seek not the tentacles of happiness for this concept

is nebulous at best, although its elements, joy and

contentment, are the fibers of the cloak love wears


recently, I’ve had moments where the shadows have

obscured the light but my spirit has been rekindled by

hands reaching out with love and so my heart beats on


and it’s this beauty of Nature that mine eyes doth

witness making my heart flutter, my spirit dance,

grateful of the fortunes in my life

Saturday, October 30, 2021

hues of my life


another Monday arrives in this month of October,

awaiting the soon to arrive November’s brisk and cold.

once again Sunday’s nocturnal stay battled and challenged

my sleep and dreams. three a.m. came along and i carried

my elder mini poodle outside to relieve herself. I place her

on the grass and like always, i look up at the sky, into the

noir of night to witness the smile of a bright and proud

moon and its twinkling friends. it seems that the star that

first captures mine eyes is one that i have seen so many

nights of my stay here on this floating rock. i think it now

knows me from my youth and thus returns my look.

as i witnessed this star a few times more, i named it the 

same as the loving nick name Mamasita had bestowed on

me, 'Nene’ and i think this star is her…


today i shall make ‘time’ my friend, not my nemesis

,all the years i’ve now left behind, have melded into

me and the moments of my life have molded me


i cannot change any moments of my past that may

have painted my life’s canvas with nebulous colors

at best or those that left shades of dark shadows


but like all aged, light damaged paintings covered

in a film of dust and suet, they can be renewed by

cleansing and refreshing the canvas by the same

hand that held the brush


the choices of which i make from now on the colors

i use shall renew and refresh the rest of the time on

this mundane canvas and i will choose my colors to

paint my life’s canvas with bright and positive hues  



if one pedal of a daisy or leaf on the stem of a sunflower is

discolored, it does not mean the whole flower is waning of life

but it then drops that one pedal or leaf and the life of the

flower will live on


when a snake sheds its skin, this does not mean it is dying but

it is purging of its former self and becomes anew and when a

caterpillar leaves its multipedal terrestrial shell, it transcends

into a miraculous mariposa


when the earth spews hot lava through a mountainous portal

and the arboreal canvas is burned to ashes and new seedlings

grow or when winds and storms uproot living flora then once

again, Earth’s Nature rejuvenates   


if this be the case, then cannot a human being depose its less

than stellar human moral foibles and transition to becoming

a flower that is reborn, or like a caterpillar into a butterfly or

the rejuvenated landscape, thus, to eschew ‘hate’ and become

a spirit of love?

unmitigated love for you


how many more ‘I’m sorry’ do i have left in me,

more important is how many more will you accept?


you accept that i am ‘human’ with many foibles

but will your heart begin to wane of forgiveness?


my love for you is endless and when i make mistakes

that hurt you, i am less likely to forgive myself than you

of me


if some day my mind will understand my heart and visa

versa, it will show that of all my human foibles, my greatest is

the unrelenting ‘sorry’, but not of the love i have for you

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

our need to be loved


what must i do to escape from the tethers of my vices, so

that my spirit can dance without restraints or constraints,

my heart can love without obstruction and my chi, will

and shall witness peace and calm?


i am fond of living, love the morning sunrises, love the

Moon that glows with mystery and the stars tickling

the noir of the night sky causing crickets to chirp, cicadas

being relentless in piercing the silence of sleep


and as i sit in my chosen corner, in the dark, alone with

thoughts of who i am, what i have become why i’m here, who

shares of this love in my heart and if the gift of tomorrow

arrives once more in spite of my human foibles, will i still be loved?


Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Love never sleeps

Love, i wish to breathe you with every breath

i take and scale life’s fascia with your presence

when i begin to feel the angst and see the

careless and wanton slings of pain and hurt

man thrusts upon each other.


do not desert me, love, but grab me, embrace me

with your strength from the beginning of the day

when the sun first shines light into mine eyes and

the dusk brings forth and clears the day for a smiling

moon that's on its way bringing along with flickering

friends of the of the night sky whilst my eyelids begin

to wave hello to the reveries and dreams of sleep.


so lay here next to me, oh love, and hold tight my soul

until i wake so when first mine eyes open, they will

be witness to the beauty of nature’s hand and the

feeling of you caressing my heart

Saturday, September 18, 2021

joyful dawning of today


The cool in the first days of September are made

more memorable when the sounds of crickets pierce

the silence of nocturnal sleep of all that is life through

an open window and through the noir of night until

this morning’s delight


and i wait till the horizon’s light of a rising sun ascends

to the transitioning chorus of cardinals, wrens and

robins that remain behind to awaken the day giving

pleasure to my ears and soon my restless eyes


my heart begins to flutter with joy that i am present

amidst all this, one more day, and soon to feel the

warm embrace of my lovely wife followed by a gentle

kiss and the soft greeting of her voice, ‘good morning’


i cherish that i can, one more day, carry my aging mini-

poodle outside, now eighteen almost nineteen, because

she can no longer climb steps, then comes the sound of

little paws from our other mini-poodle scampering down

from the upstairs bedroom where she sleeps with my wife


i am joyful for the dawning of today

i shall recover


my heart hurts and my spirit is injured

i hope that both can recover

if the flower can sleep at the end of its season

and evince as new the next spring

then i should be able to, also


if the sun sets, rests at the end of the day

lets the moon have its stay

then arise from its sleep the next morning

then i should be able to, also


and even if my incarnate being, my body

goes to sleep to rest, to allay its time from

this mundane sojourn, its spirit shall once

again rise, maybe in a transcendent realm

but i should be able to, also

unmitigated love for you


how many more ‘I’m sorry’ do i have left in me,

more important is how many more will you accept?


you accept that i am ‘human’ with many foibles

but will your heart begin to wane of forgiveness?


my love for you is endless and when i make mistakes

that hurt you, i am less likely to forgive myself than you

of me


if some day my mind will understand my heart and visa

versa, it will show that of all my human foibles, my greatest is

the unrelenting ‘sorry’, but not of unmitigated love i have for you


Remember me


when my body will no longer hold me inside

and my feet no longer can walk and dance

my arms are not able to hold you any more

my heart will remember the love i held within


will my soul remember my incarnate being after

it has been set free like the flower to the tree,

the river to the ocean, the moon beams to the sea,

the wind that blows the autumn leaves and like

all of this, will you remember me?

Friday, September 3, 2021

Hola Septiembre


O’ September, i welcome your change of attire from bright and bold,

to where leaves shall fall from trees and paint earths canvas of verdant

fields to a sea of browns, rustic red and gold, your breath will

titillate my skin with some cool by day, by night, cold


your bouquet of flowers will soon drop their pedals, that shimmied

with morning dew, and sleep at the end of their season, while

Starlings, Cardinals, Robins and Turtle Doves join in a choir

of song giving praise to a crimson horizon but soon to

fly south to a more warming sun




i could see myself wandering, walking about, yet distant is

my mind as to where i am, where i have been and where

i am going


back in the days of my youth, the hours were so long, the

days even longer and the weeks, months and years

seemed forever, as yet, i was wandering, searching for ‘me’


now that more years are behind me than those before me,

i try to slow down the weeks and months by not looking

toward the next moment, the next day or week, yet, the

evincing beauty of Spring flew by and the Summer came

and has too quickly passed


then my eye lids open and i come to the realization that these

wanderings were not just of my reveries and dreams, but yet,

of my reality and mundane sojourn and time passing me by


knowing this, i will welcome the wondrous colors of Autumn

but not so much the cold of Winter, yet, i will embrace it, and

if my longevity permits, mine eyes shall behold again the

beauty of Spring that will follow, for then i will be grateful,

accepting of the aches and pains on this aged body, yet

my spirit will remain youthful, my heart never tiring of love~

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

unwitting tiny wave


many years of my life, i have felt t’if i was but a

tiny wave in the grandness of the sea, and storm

after storm would develop, arise in the middle

of its vastness when then it would roll ominously

onto shore, with tiny me enmeshed, when then

it would crash violently upon promontory of rock

where tera-firma begins and the ocean ends


this, symbolically, is life and how my life will most

likely resume. we all begin as tiny ripples in the

sea, forming from stardust that fell from out in

space, and we all will ride the larger wave of life

as it will continue to crash onto the rocks on shore


as i recognize this reality, i will embrace all that is

within the realms of my being, my heart, and so

I shall gather all these moments, wallow in their

Presence and place them in the cornucopia of life

then trudge on forward with the spirit of hope

and the heart of love, wishing for all to do the same…



Thursday, July 15, 2021

my insatiable spirit

 my spirit is insatiable, mine eyes never tired of

Nature’s intrinsic smile, my sensoria of smell,

touch and taste are never sated even as my time

for nocturnal rest arrives as my spirit remains

awake, heightened with delight by dreams

and like the tree and flower who remain awake 

when all else are asleep, to embrace moon beams

as they do sunrays, for rivers still run and the ocean 

tides still ebb and rise under the noir of night with 

glistening energy from reflections of glittering stars

emptiness of loss

when a flower sleeps at the end of its season,

a bird flies o’er or a cloud soars by, we assume

the flower will grow next spring, that another

cloud will soar by and the bird will come back

to perch on the limb of a maple or oak

but when we lose a love one to heaven, the

loss leaves us so empty, we wish to see their face

one more time but we know this not to be, though

deep in our hearts and in our minds, we keep them

alive, hold onto the memory of their smile

we must shed tears from the depth of our soul,

not lose sight of their face, remembering their 

gentle touch, how smooth and soft their skin, waft

of their hair, how deeply we loved and our hearts

feeling the beat of each other’s in a warm embrace.

This is dedicated to the nine who lost their lives in

the tragic helicopter crash, to the Bryant family,

to Kobe and Gianna and, also, in memory of those

who were also in the helicopter and tragically

lost their lives. 



before these bags underneath mine eyes,

the wrinkles and the folds on my brow


before my two prosthetics, my displaced

shoulder and my broken digits on hands

and toes


before my shaggy white beard, the sparse

hair on my head covering where there is none


before the many days, months and years that

have passed me by, i was naïve, innocent,

i was young


and now i sit here, grateful for all this time,

this gift of life, mostly that i found you, my love



Sunday, July 11, 2021

must love more

 A sudden absence of something or someone we cherished and an unforgivable amount of time was spent taking it or them for granted. A sudden absence, manifesting in a gasp, a deep grasp for air to breathe, an abysmal void, then, an unrelenting sadness.

We try to be 'strong' not for ourselves but for those that we care about that are also survivors of the painful loss and sudden absence. We can assuage the impact of our personal subjective and individual pain by leaning on each other, by sharing...

Behind this smile are many tears and to this end, we must love more.

gentle beginnings of the day

when my eyelids open this morn

does not mean i had been asleep

for my spirit never does nor does

my breath that breathes as the

wind blows and moon beams give

light to the night


the beating heart in me ceases not

for now and until it has walked on

the pathway that love has, it shall

beat in rhythm with the vibrations

of life for love never ceases to be


the aviary choir will awaken from

their nocturnal rest those who sleep

and excite the verve within to greet

the gentle beginnings of the day