Tuesday, June 6, 2023

wildflower of the universe

as i lay upon this bed of wildflowers, my spirit assimilates for i too am born of wild in that i am born of stardust unbeknownst of when and where, how and why i became, but it is not for me to understand but just 'to be'...

Tuesday, May 23, 2023

the ocean blue

 i recall when first mine eyes captured the beauty of the ocean blue, my heart fluttered, my breathing became full and deep, i could feel my spirit dancing in rhythm with the tides washing in, knowing that they are moving away and come toward me because the Earth is moving round and round

when mine eyes close for the last time to give this body its time to rest, i shall leave the challenges that it's met along the way, in the years gifted with life on this mundane sojourn, the winds against its face, the jagged stones underneath the naked feet, and the dehydration from tears shed of loss and sad but also of smiles and joy of love

self love


it is this that must be known, that must be embraced

the mountain that stands before you, although grand and tall,

is not unlike yourself, for both seem to be tethered to the earth

below yet the mountain tip lives amongst the clouds and kisses the sky,

so too with you, although not as tall or maybe as grand in size,

you can reach up and tough the wind that allows the clouds to hover by

and if you look up, you too can kiss the sky...

Monday, May 8, 2023

~my spirit says thank you~

awaken by Mother Nature’s thunder just outside the window
where my head lies next to my love partner and upon a soft
restful pillow
grateful for this nudge from the stormy skies and billowing
dark clouds for as mine eyes open, i am reminded of how
fortunate we are, my partner and our little canine at our feet
as i lay here now with mine eyes wide open to the present,
i reflect upon those who cannot sleep because the thunder
comes not of Nature but of bombs exploding o’er
i reflect and ask my spirit that resides within all my fortune,
to breathe calm and peace into those who sleep underneath
Nature’s portentous wakings without the warmth of shelter
to this morning’s awaken of thunderous alarm, saying thank you,
as i have made it my mantra to this grateful greeting, i say it before
I close mine eyes to sleep and when they open to a morning’s delight 

Tuesday, May 2, 2023

dreaming under stars

because i cannot sleep with mine eyes closed, i shall dream looking at the stars

so in this moment is what i ‘will’ myself to be, in heart, of mind and spirit, i wish

to be a month from now, a year and beyond, until my feet no longer walk upon the

ground on this Earth

mine eyes have remained open most of this nocturnal stay when

most lay to rest, sleeping soundly while the moon smiles on to their nest
as the stars glitter at play, and dreams to their assay

i take this sleepless moment to cogitate and introspect and a

desire to transmutate into what i must become, which is a spirit

to change for better to those who with me, choose to be                                                         

Friday, April 28, 2023

'reflections upon words'


i know in the realm of all that matters in the Universe,

my words matter little, but if just for one instant, for

one moment, they make your heart beat slow when

before consumed in anxiety or flutter with joy when

dormant from loneliness then my words will not have

been for naught


~gather the beauty of the daisies and tulips, the jonquils

and purple passion and daffodils, the song of birds, the

scurrying and play of the little terrestrials, the blue sky

with cottons hovering o’er, the sound of a running stream,

the playful children’s screams, all in your minds eye


then sit at the base of your favorite tree and listen to

the wisdom of the breeze rustling its leaves, breathe

slowly in and be grateful what this earthbound sojourn

has given thee, despite all the sham and drudgery set

yourself free~


remember: you were made from love, and if you

                    reflect upon this moment, then you will

                    flicker and sparkle like the star from

                    whence you came…


Sunday, April 23, 2023

~the wonder of life~

does a new born flower bud wonder as it looks
around…'will i grow to be as radiant as that golden
sunflower that has all of the sun’s attention and
the clouds hovering o’er, fawning of its beauty'
so too, i ask, when a crimson cardinal perches on
a large arbor oak’s limb ...is the tree filled with pride,
that this winged angel visits with its glorious red
plume vest, singing to greet the morning's ethereal
little do we know of this, for it is considered as
a human condition only, but in that, i believe love
is the intrinsic fiber of all, then it is surely shallow
of our species to think otherwise of the flower,

the cardinal and the tree 

~my heart doth cherish~

 i have been witness to some extraordinary ‘things’ in my life

which may not compare to how the flower sees the sun, the

tree plays in the wind, the, a wolf howling amidst a forest of

 trees as an eagle soars wistfully, in the sky above


but i have seen the flower raising its petals to the sun, the tree

letting its leaves rustle in the breeze, have seen a dolphin jump

the ocean waves, heard the wolf’s joyful howl echoing in its abode,

i am that eagle soaring above looking down observing at

all of this


yet the most extraordinary and pleasurable experiences that i

have witnessed are; the opening eyes and smile on a newborn,

a welcoming embrace of parents whose child has come home

safely from the ugly of war, holding hands of an elderly couple

strolling along a river’s bank


and what i cherish most is that you, my love, have touched my

heart with your gentle hand, you have made it flutter with

joy, you have put a smile upon my face where before there

was a frown from the travails of life, for this i am grateful, so

please never let go of my heart~~~I Love You



Tuesday, April 18, 2023

eyes of lamenting tears


our open eyes, our sullen spirit and hearts have recently

captured the most heinous destructive hate of human

upon human, the careless and uncaring defoliation,

denuding, of Nature’s verdant dress, the felling of natures’

breathing apparatus, its bonnet of foliage  


Earth’s liquid drink has been contaminated and the

species that reside in this realm are drowning in their

own breathing atmosphere, no longer does the osprey,

the Eagle soar o’er trying to find its nutriment below

whilst the wolf no longer howls at the moon and stars,

in praise of  life, but rather to lament the withering of it                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Saturday, April 15, 2023

where love is

why is it that sadness follows me when
i am surrounded by my own species, yet
when i am amidst other species, whether
fauna (the deer, the wolf, the eagle) or
flora(wildflowers, whispering wind on leaves
of trees), alone of chosen solitude with the
azure sky and the stars throwing kisses to
the moon in the noir of night, ocean's blue
roaring sounds, thus my spirit feels calm and
peace, feels acceptance, feels safe, i sense
the feeling of love

~why is it that sadness follows me when

i am surrounded by my own species, yet
when i am amidst other species, whether
fauna (the deer, the wolf, the eagle) or
flora(wildflowers, whispering wind on leaves
of trees), alone of chosen solitude with the
azure sky and the stars throwing kisses to
the moon in the noir of night, ocean's blue
roaring sounds, thus my spirit feels calm and
peace, feels acceptance, feels safe, i sense
the feeling of love~

Sunday, April 2, 2023



...and i stood before this wonderous flower today and in a soft breathy voice I said to it; ' you're beautiful, thank you for giving me this moment of pleasure'...and as i was walking away i heard in a whispering voice~your beautiful also~.

at that moment i realized that my whispers and the waft of this wonderous flower will live in perpetuity


Tuesday, March 28, 2023

~seeing the sun another day~

mine eyes opened this morning to a gold and crimson sun
rising on the horizon whilst the silhouette of a hawk was
soaring by, t'was cast upon the canvas of this glorious delight
i do so welcome this new day, for yesterday my spirit was
flailing about in a darken space, as my body t'was now
trudging with debilitating pain from my years passed
the pillar of my strength had been slowly chipped away
while struggling with how to rid this excruciating pain and
battling thoughts running antithetical to 'life'
knowing this, the love of my life stood in front of me, her
eyes looked into mine and said ‘i need you, we need you
here with us’, and for a moment my pain went away
so when mine eyes opened this morning, and the thought
entered my mind ‘…if tomorrow never comes, will my love
have been enough for the ones i left behind?

in recalling this sad, the pain, when a loved one in my past
had left me with an empty space, and i do not wish this for
my loves, so here i am today

Friday, March 17, 2023



is it because we’ve share smiles, shared laughter,

knew each other since our youth, seen joy and

sadness together, felt a common heartfelt pain,

that we should be recognized as friend(s)?


is there a level of love in being a friend, and should

it be of a place and time, in a certain vicinity of

space and distance or can this friendship sustain

in just by sharing words that emote feelings?


with this world now emersed in cybernetics, such as

television, cell phones, computers, that have created

avatars as friends, are they even real friends if

there is no person to person contact?


i love the morning sunrise, the moon and stars, love

the path i walk on aligned in arboreal display, with

wildflowers, and  the waft of sassafras, lilac, day lilies

and jonquils, oh yes, and the fauna that play amidst.

are they all not my life’s friends?


are you my friend(s) now because you’ve read my words,

and if you’re nodding yes as you read them, then we will have

intertwined our hearts fluttering in sync which signifies

we’re in this realm, called ‘life’, together, and so

at minimum, we are friends


Thursday, March 16, 2023

into you

 i find myself entwined into you

   i hope you don't mind if i share my

      space with you for this i know because

         when you walk near me, i hear your heart

            fluttering alongside of mind, and when you 

               touch me, my skin moves as if a warm breeze

            has gently blown upon it, and then i sense 

          my spirit dancing with joy, for then i know

      my being is intertwined in yours as t'was

 made to be


 those who i had surrounded myself with have been tested by my crumbling, from being that pillar of strength. they have witnessed the human side of me that was not their support, their strength, there for their needs, but showing vulnerability of being truthful that i too need support and understanding of my human needs. i was now asking for their shoulder but they walked away, some ran not knowing or caring about me. this opened mine eyes as to who is there for me, family or friend. i realize that, with the exception of my partner in life that truly loves me, most others only wanted to take and not give. it opened mine eyes...

Wednesday, March 8, 2023

~riding life's waves~


i think that my spirit has been on this boat, on these seas with the eye in the sky hovering o'er me.
the tides may be rough and portentous, but the boat stayed sturdy and strong, masts and sails still maneuvering in the wind
and if by chance i am submerged into the sea, i will swim with the dolphins and they'll teach me how to ride the waves

Sunday, March 5, 2023

empathy shall prevail


as the morning arrives after a sleepless night

grateful is my heart, my spirit smiles, for i am

rich of life, wealthier than many because i have

my princess canine child, still have my wife


although mother nature’s attitude has been fickle

and vacillating, one day it glows with the warmth

of its radiant eye, stars twinkle at night, the moon smiles

then next, it’s angry breath blows tumbling the calm


‘man’ seems to mirror this vacillation between calm

and an angry storm, some of these souls are the

dark clouds throwing down thunder and lightning,

whilst the rest try to take cover and just thrive


yet, even those who are victims of these storms, who

wish to only care and share, some are influenced by the

angst of the storm, the vitriol, the hate, their empathy wanes

whilst trying to protect their own   





Friday, February 24, 2023

all the while


..all the while as my naked feet traversed this dirt below them, the verdant blades of grasses and wildflowers, let the waves of ocean's best, ebb and flow between my toes on sandy beach, and so too, all the while, my feathered friends above sang to me to open mine eyes to the mornings where the crimson and gold of your fingered rays touched with warmth upon my face, this, your eye of ebullient joy reminds me of whilst i came and to where my spirit will once again be embraced~

Sunday, February 5, 2023

from Mother Nature's closet

Mother Nature, Earth’s voice, reminds us that she

is in control of our destiny. She, on occasion and more

recently than before, reminds us that by our carelessness

to our designated responsibility as caretakers of her attire,

there comes a redress in requiring attention, reminding us

humans, that we are but visitors in her home


she watches us through the eyes of soaring Eagles, her

warnings are In the howls of the wolf. she reminds us of

her disgust through the spewing of hot rock on occasion,

through the angry winds and cleansing storms, uses the

fingers of the Sun’s rays to both feed with nutriment but

also, its scorching touch when we carelessly felling her tree



when she wishes, though, to show off in plain sight by

feeding and behold’n to our eyes, in a titillation and gasp

by a flutter in the rhythm of the heart whilst sharing the

beauty of its dawn and dusk, the day and night, the gift

of her beauty…

embracing today


my spirit was lifted today because i was touched by the fingertips of sunrays, for t'is been a while, with the greys and brisk cold of winter's touch,
although i embrace the changes of Nature's moods, my aged body
stiffens and aches in the cold as i count my passing of years, and those before me in months, now in days and hours,
i wish to amble about while i can, in less aching paing, walking amidst the paths where wildflowers dress the river's banks whilst listening to the chorus of my feather friends
and so today, with layers on to break the brisk of air, i walked slowly with my little canine friend by my side and we both breathed in the day's fresh air, in symbiosis, as we both looked up at the sun in appreciation and thanks...