Tuesday, February 13, 2024

~to the key of life~

i have seen the Mountains, i have swam the Sea with  

dolphins jumping free, Orcas and their roar, while the  

Osprey squeal, the Wolf howls, the Eagle soars, o’er 

songbirds waking me in a choir near my head, resting  

on a feather bed, opening my eyes from restless sleep 

to the memories of yesteryear  


i'm soothed by golden rays piercing through an ajar pane,  

thus, to the waft of lilac and verdant fields, a wonderous 

beginning of a welcomed gift to a new day 


my heart is in a flutter, asking my spirit to rise and dance,   

as the day arrives with a yellow-crimson Sun in the horizon, 

and the sounds in the key of life  

~love till the end~

with so many years, now, rested upon my body, 

wish to be able to see, hear, touch, taste and  

smell with the ends of the strands of the hair on  

my arms. 

when my eyesight has left me, i will be able to 

see by the sound in mine ears, and if my taste 

buds have left me, i wish to remember sweet and 

sour, hot and cold, spicy and bland just by smell. 


when the scent through my nasal membranes have 

dissipated, then i shall sit alone, still in silence, feel 

my heartbeat attending to all that no longer is with 

me, in sensorial memories, of all that i once had,  

especially, ~Love~ 

Wednesday, January 24, 2024

mine eyes twinkle with the stars

~and so i peered upward at the sky to see the edges from whilst our incarnate being and spirit originated. we've named them stars because they glitter in the noir of space now transcending into the sparkle in the eyes upon our face.

i think that when i depart from this short sojourn, as my stay here has come to an end, i will no longer look up to the shimmying of the stars for then i shall be looking down and smiling at the twinkling eyes of those who shared my love~

Wednesday, January 10, 2024

rejoicing a new day

 mine eyes open to this fiery display 

as the sun and earth ascend in play

my spirit rejoicing, a gifted new day~ 

Wednesday, January 3, 2024

~choose joy to be kind~

it is moments like these where our hearts, our spirits 

sit together and share and reminiscence, about our sad, 

our joy and hopefully we will focus on the nostalgia 

of joy 


for if the flower would hang out only when the mist 

and grey hovered, its colors would not be as brilliant 

its stem would not be as sturdy, and its stoma would 

not flourish to feed the bird and bee 


if the seas would wave, only, to the the moon at night 

then the osprey would not soar and dolphins would 

not jump, play and skip o’er glistening ocean white 

caps under the gold rays of the sun 


and so remember this moment of choosing joy in 

lieu of the memory of misty grey, for our choice will 

grasp our hand and lead us not astray, from this  

moment on, toward kindness of our fellow ‘man’