Sunday, December 4, 2022

joy of another day

i welcome that mine eyes opened this
day, my breath is deep and my heart
still beats, so i shall embrace this morn
while in my ear i hear the birds song
waking today says to me that my doings
here on earth are still welcome and so
i shall sing, with the birds, for all to hear,
that my words to my writ will be read
in that i have awaken another day fills

my heart with joy, lifts my spirit, and so
it dances knowing that this will be a day,
for me, one of new beginnings
i shall not forsake this privilege, this gift
and i will smile at the sun, feel the breeze
on my face, walk on river’s banks and sit
underneath a tree to listen to its wisdom
i shall then wander back to my abode to
cook a meal for my wife and me that should
sate, go and sit with my arm around her
her, whispering in her ear what my heart feels
how it is filled with love for her, our little poodle
laying at our feet, as i lift to read the book 'The
Key to Immortality' as she closes her eyes, her head
resting on my shoulder
i stare at the pages, not able to read but to
ruminate upon this gentle moment of how the
simplicity of this day fills my heart with joy and
wish that this could be shared by all

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

in the still of the night

~in the still of the night when i lie to rest and lay my head upon Nature's verdant dress and my diurnal reveries will transform into nocturnal dreams, i wish to feel upon my cheek the kisses of Moon beams while my spirit dances on~



Tuesday, November 29, 2022

i am here, still


i close mine eyes to try to sleep

but my thoughts run and run

whilst if they must i try to focus

in the present but they always

seem to reflect upon the past


then because they do not wish

to rest, to bring dreams of lilies,

daffodils and verdant fields, they

come juxtaposed of faces, smiles

and tears, those from yesteryear


is it because they wish to speak

to me once more, letting me know

they’re okay, they’re still present

for my heart and spirit still to touch,

they are with me, are near, are here


i wish them well and glad to hear

but my world is still with my loved

ones in the present to hold their

hand, to kiss their cheek and feel

a warm embrace, their arms in mine


when i open mine eyes, her face

laying next to mine and she opens

hers, we greet with smiles then our

lips touch gently, she asks ‘did you

sleep well’, i say ‘yes, i am here’

Monday, November 28, 2022

...the light i shine upon you to give you light in the noir of night
does not come from me but it is the light given to me
from our friend the sun and so i share it with you,
it is called 'giving', remember this


~waiting to release the music within~
if you wish to send me a joyful greeting, i would appreciate it
before or after these holidays because then i’ll know it’s sincere
and for me not because of the designated days mandated to
celebrate goodness, kindness and caring. there are many days
of the calendar year that these joyful expressions are appreciated
because of their spontaneous sincerity.
like a piano that sits alone in an empty room that no one knows
it’s there waiting for someone to tickle its ebonies and ivories to
let the music out that it stores within, wanting to express and sharei
ts jubilant music. the baby grand sits there alone waiting for someone
to walk by and spontaneously play the music it awaits to release. 

 ~the eye of heaven watches o'er all

whether it be a flower or a tree,
a bird or a bee, whether a wolf or an eagle,
a dolphin at sea, and yes it watches
o'er all even you and me~

Sunday, November 20, 2022

grateful for this moment


sitting in the dark, still and quiet in my alone time

and space i hear a soft whisper, turn my head around

but no one else is here, try to discern the words being

said finally, i capture these words being spoken


~why am i sitting alone, where did i go wrong, is

this because of the choices i have made, the path

i’ve taken, or are these just words from a song that i

i heard before and had forgotten, should i feel sad

and lonely or should there be joy within me because

i’m still breathing, my hands and feet are intact able

to move, my heart is till beating, i have warmth inside

my abode, my love ones next to me~


i realize these are not whispers but my spirit speaking

to me of being more present, grateful, to this pleasure,

and when mine eyes open to the morning sun, listen

to the birds for they will be singing my song

Saturday, November 19, 2022

when once i could fly

~when once i had wings, i used to fly with the wind
and see the world, mother nature in its wonderous
view, where the sky above me was azure and the
pastures below where verdant grew, behind me
in the morn or at dusk was a golden hue~…


Friday, November 18, 2022

embrace all, the 'one'


~do not close your eyes to the transition of season for then your world will not be fulfilled, at minimum, will not expand beyond the narrowness of which you reside. embrace all with your total sensoria and you will better understand the reason for your presence~

Monday, November 14, 2022

the wisdom of a tree


` open to the elements of the universe not just hereon this

floating earthen ware but in all that surrounds it,

whether it be the sun, the moon, surely the stars of which

we are made from their dust.

listen to the wind for it brings teachings from many parts of

this world not just of the present but from the past and to be

the future. let the ripples of the rivers run through your toes

and fingers, being aware of where they have traversed and that

it's water will empty into the seas where much other wisdom

comes from scales and fins, underwater beings.

be attentive to what tales the eagle brings underneath its wings

and from the lamenting howl of the earth bound wolf that

speaks of how the earth is a living being and it cries for what

man has carelessly done on it and with it.

be kind for this all is a gift...'

Sunday, November 6, 2022

my spirit never ceases


many days and hours, many miles these legs and
feet have walked and ran upon this earth, and
although now both hips are prosthetic, my feet
are still intact but for a few crooked toes, they
still remember the rivers banks, the mountain and
forest trails, the concrete urban streets and the
paths i’ve walked along side with those that shared
my heart, my love
two weeks ago, i received information that a buddy’s
spirit who shared my youth of years had left the trail
in this mundane sojourn and then two days after I was
told of another childhood friend who also shared the
common playground of youth filled years had also left
my world where we three of same age grew up going to
same schools, similar paths in this temporal abode
my mind is saddened, my heart bruised of their departure
but then soon when i too shall lay my legs down and feet
no longer able to step and walk because it’s time for them
to rest, my heart will remain beating, my mind still will be
racing of juxtaposed thoughts and memories of when you
and i were one, and not until then my spirit upon this earth
will cease dancing but then i shall dance onto eternity

Saturday, October 29, 2022

when sitting still

~allow me to sit quiet and still on the lap of your banks listening to the rustling of the breezes through branches and leaves that dress your bonnet. let me look and listen to the ripples of your stream and learn of the stories they can tell of where they've been. and if by chance your feathered friends perched on limbs wish to sing me a tune to sooth my sensorial, then i will have much in my heart, grateful for one more fine day~


~if this be what mine eyes witness when they open to the day or dusk, then their lacrimal ducs would fill with tears of joy and a smile would evince upon my face that would reflect the light mine eyes beheld~


Tuesday, October 25, 2022

sometimes the dark of night gives me comfort,
the eye that peers through the noir of night
giving light in the stillness, breaking through the
calm of all that is asleep
mine eyes are open while my body rests and my
spirit lies beside all those that have resided before
and those that will have after, for we are all one
and what i ask and wish for is, that when we come
together, when all becomes 'one', we are all bathed
wiht the gentle waters in the sea of Love

it's healthy to be okay

 ~it's healthy to be ok~

it’s not just okay but it is healthy to admit
when one is sad and hurting both inside and
we traverse through this journey called life
and it seems that we’re continuously walking
against the wind
gravity weighs on our muscles and bones, it
tugs at our skin so that eventually it is stretched
like folds on a curtain
the aches and pains on our body become ever
present and the pangs of life are turbulent in our
hearts and minds
but in this attestation, we are our own strong man,
our own savior for it is in our hands, the decision
to mitigate, ameliorate these woes


~like an eagle in the sky, i spread my arms wide
to embrace the beauty of Nature's abode and
maybe, just maybe, i will fly~

Monday, October 24, 2022

if i could


if i could, i would have ceased the things i should,

make healthier choices, play in the wildflowers more,

listen to the river’s ripples closer, the birds and their

songs, watching the trees sway and listening to the

wisdom of the wind as do they while clouds soar o’er,

embrace with mine eyes the grandness of mountains,

watching the animals scurry through and play in forests,

allowing the rain to tickle my skin while smelling the

waft of petrichor, dancing to Mozart, Chopin, to Yo

Yo Ma, to Placido Domingo and other opera greats,

admiring the artworks of Dali, Michelangelo, Da Vinci,

Monet, Monet, the Wyeths, Van Gogh, O’Keefe, etc.  

have read more words on writ by the wise who wished

to share while enriching my taste buds with Nature’s

fruits, be still and quiet, listening more, but of all this,

would have immerse my heart and spirit with the very

fiber makeup of the universes, that being, Love


Sunday, October 16, 2022


if i had wings i would fly day and night,

no matter how far, to be with you


if there was a mountain to climb, no matter

how high, i would hike to the top to put your

hand in mine


if i was on an island and we were oceans apart

i’d ride the waves over to sit on the beach by

your side


if time came for mine eyes to close for that journey

beyond, do not weep, for my heart and spirit will

always be next to yours


like the sun to the flower and tree, or the moon to

the stars or the sea, we are the same, you and me 

Thursday, October 13, 2022

dancing one more day


crystalline dew drops are clinging on the stems

of daisies and daffodils this crisp morning where

soon the sun will bathe with golden rays on these

droplets, displaying tiny rainbow colors that will

dance in the breezes


mine eyes glisten with their reflections and a

smile evinces upon my face, whilst i cherish with

joy this moment of intermingling as the day begins,

a fluttering takes place inside my chest so then my

feet begin dancing onto another day

Friday, October 7, 2022

grateful for this day


~thankyou to begin the day~


some days i awaken to realize that i am tethered in

this incarnate shell that is grateful for the feel of the

breeze that titillates its covering we call skin, grateful

for the lenses that are recessed in ‘les tete’, capturing

the wonder of birds perched on trees then floating with

ease, the wind beneath their wings, soaring with ease

under the cottons hanging from the azure canvas above,

grateful of the musical sounds mine ears behold when

these feathered friends then begin to marry their voices

with each other for a choir of song


and then i realize and feel something beating in my chest,

a soft and gentle cadence of rhythm that seems to heighten

when mine eyes and ears capture the sights and sounds

before me, as the big yellow fiery ball begins to rise from the

horizon and makes all the colors of flora around me ebullient

and warm, they seem to come alive when these golden rays

lay upon their petals allowing them to display their true beauty,

the multitude of floral colors causing a noticeable flutter  

within, my ‘heart’, then followed by a calming peace that

comes o’er the whole of this incarnate shell, of where my

‘being’ resides


for today i will rise from this supine state and shall move these

appendages to carry me outside where the aesthetic of Nature

resides and shall walk amidst its bounty of beauty when i will

then raise mine eyes to look up then around, smell the waft

of the day, feel the presence of my being in its midst and be

thankful for this pleasure, be grateful for this gift that so many

have not the fortunes of, and if they do, are not cognizant of it

thus disappearing by ungratefulness or that which is called



~thankyou, as mine eyes close to rest~