Sunday, March 31, 2019

listening to my heart beat

when listening to my heart beat,

sometimes i think i hear an echo

from its chambers, an emptiness

yet resounding with anguish and

sorrow of days with grey clouds

hovering o’er

my spirit of positive hope, though, is

sustained with the will to thrive amidst

voices filled with vitriol and hate

and i am committed to share and remind

others that their choice of hope and

change must abide in their spirit

listen to the voice of our children and, also,

one in history who took on this challenge

marching on a bridge …’we shall overcome’

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

my gentle breeze

we may be in a different room

a different space in our abode

when i hear her endearing laugh,

i can see her in my mind, her soft

and gentle face, her smiling


she’s like a lily in a lily patch

or a daisy in a meadow where  

a subtle breeze doth blow and they

dance and sway like ripples in the sea

soothing whatever longings there

may be

when she lies next to me and i turn

to look at her, a warmth and calm comes

o’er me as i see the kindness of her face

that from whence mine eyes first lay upon

hers did see, that which made my spirit dance

and my heart sing

thus, we’ve walked together for many

a day and years sharing joys and travails,  

and now life’s slowing days with aches and

wrinkles our hair of gray blows in that gentle

breeze whilst our smiles with each other’s

memories, dance

Saturday, March 23, 2019

saturday's reflection

Saturdays come and go too quickly nowadays

coming together as the sundays, mondays

and tuesdays fly by almost unseen when then

wednesdays barely say, hello, along with thursdays

and fridays, so discretely having been dragged

along before saturday, once again, visits

then hesitate to speak of how fast aprils and mays

arrive wishing them to stay longer their visits for

they bring their brilliance of color and the sounds

of fauna pleasingly playing through the summer’s

sunny days when then too soon and too long a stay, 

come the cold and grey, a burden upon my aging body 

then there's the years that have insidiously flown by

garnering and gathering forlorn memories that bring

tears not because of dread but because too quickly

and too fast they have become my past whilst knowing

little of my time left before i need to dress in the

attire for that eternal rest

Thursday, March 21, 2019

soul visits

my soul has wandered onto the path

of where my heart has led it, forthwith,

to reside in this temporal existence

encased in this incarnate being where

the sensoria dictate

where eyes are enticed by aesthetics

while the rooted toes of trees are tickled

underneath by tributaries of the seas

and fauna sleep under nocturne lights

then awaken to scurry about in embrace

by the sun and the day’s delight

the soul in its transcendent path may care

little of this mundane sojourn but my heart

shall tarry on and cherish the gift of this life

it’s been afforded, though knowing not why

or what divine, will howl with the wolf in

appreciation and soar with the eagle until

no more

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

the caterpillar to mariposa

and so i came upon this small caterpillar hanging

onto a leaf seemingly drinking the dew from dusk.

this encounter comes while on my daily stroll

and so i stopped to observe its wanderings

without words spoken, knowing that soon it

would perform its metamorphic transcendence,

then surely if it partakes in such it can read my mind

i wonder if it knows that soon it will become this

butterfly with rainbow wings that flies, replacing the

cilia feet of a terrestrial?

In this transformation, will it remember its past task

of walking and climbing always in angst of its

avian prey?

i ask in wondering~~~ when my incarnate shell doth

lay to rest, like the caterpillar to the ‘mariposa’, and my

spirit transcends, will i remember the love, the pain

of the mundane?

being in perpetuity

when i dream or even when i ponder

about life and its short-lived path, it is

no longer fear that binds me but am

filled with delight that my spirit will live

in perpetuity, if by chance, the notion of

the omnipresent and omniscient is true and

the breath of my soul will reside in eternity

so this delight i feed with the morning’s sun

and the twinkle of dew sprinkled on petals

and verdant grass while breezes blow leaves

on trees and as fauna awake to make hay in the

day, the rivers and oceans run riveted waves as

mountain tops tickle the clouds that dangle

from a powder blue sky

this shall sate my spirit, my being for who knows

maybe in our transcendent new realm we may

be given the freedom to create our own new

existence and thus i shall have in the pouch of

my soul all that i’ve consumed while in this world,

having dressed and created all that is me, my


Love is immortal

when the subject of my Love is no longer present

having departed to its next transcendental realm

will my Love go with?

and then i will love again, share my heart and soul

with another thus will it be the same or does this

Love carry a different nature, a different spirit?

where does all this Love reside, where does it come

from and where does it exist, where all who wish

can share in it and give of it?

in the oracles of writ, it has been written that Love

is omnipresent, that Love may be the vibrations,

the intrinsic makeup, the nature of all that exists

and if this be so, then i have found, have drank

from the cup that never empties and if this be

true then my spirit will exist in immortality

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

unselfish and selfless

my words may not meet your eyes

and if they do, they may not touch your

heart and soul or tug with curiosity, rendering

the intended wealth of kindness

if they do, i wish for my words to impress upon

your human nature the heartfelt calling to

recognizing the presence of other’s,

of their bone and flesh

that your soul to witness the common space

we all share, while traversing this mundane sojourn

and that we must all give of ourselves unselfishly,

who upon, little and scarcity befall

whether it be of the mind or possessions,

to sustain or just to stay warm, let my words

impress upon your heart and human kindness

that all life has a common goal; to live, to Love

my reveries and night time dreams

…though my body is wanting rest

a light inside my mind stays on

and so my spirit remains awake

i partake in the mundane in daylight

and wish to transition my reveries to dreams

when sleep should fill the night

but because my soul revels in its own realm

It knows not wake or sleep thus my days

and nights are indistinguishable

If only pain and anguish were the same

as comfort and peace or sadness with joy

or hate with love

If this were so, then i would always

want to remain awake and my dreams

would then be my reveries much like

when the osprey casts its silhouette

on the Moon as its beams kiss the Sea

Friday, January 18, 2019

Mary Oliver

Nature’s whispers is the silence i choose,

the fuel for my solitude

the song of the wolf inspires the verve within,

the rustling whispers of the trees educate me

and the wild flowers that ornament the earth,

dress the verdant skirt of all that walks upon it

the wind brings messages from the rivers and streams

of all whose poems lyrics have borrowed from

so i lie here drinking the Sun as the sky dangles it

and the mountains tickle its belly

soon the Eagle flies o’er and let’s me know

the Moon will soon be visiting with all its children

and i shall close mine eyes and pray like you

Mary Oliver (may you rest gently on your bed)

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

immortality called Love

let us dance, so to distract

our wanting to live versus to die,

to consume life with the heart

and not just to rationalize

it is this that will inspire the desire

to be free as a man of ‘flesh and bone’

in a world despicable of words misused

to attain false-hoods through lies

we are in the midst of a transitioning

from the long standing of simplistic

primordial existence, one of blind selfishness

yielding only darkness, into a world of light

we must open our minds to the spirit that

surrounds us, the intrinsic fiber sewed in

the universe, that which is the verve of Life,

the epiphany of Unamuno’s, Gasset’s, Paz’s

life, the desire for immortality; Love

Saturday, November 24, 2018

footsteps left behind

i hope, at minimum, the flower and tree
that i've sat before and underneath,
the wind whose whispers of wisdom 
has kept me company in my solitude, 
the running spring and its residents 

hoping the aves that observe me from above
while i reside in this mundane space on this 
sojourn, they will have witnessed a spirit
sated with the verve of life

for i cherish the air that i breathe,
footsteps that i am leaving behind,
songs that i am singing and words
both spoken and written from a heart
never full but always giving

Monday, November 19, 2018

fire and storms

devastation of storms and floods appear 
then come the hell of fires and words are
said from a tongue of sharpen blades not for 
the sake of pain for loss or sorrow but for the sake
of their own tomorrow 

the flower does not blame the wind
for its loss of petals, the rain for
their wilting, the sun for being parched
with too much heat or for the night
stealing the day

in selfishness and greed there is
no good that comes but a sadness
and lament avails for the souls departed
and all who is left are the lonely and  
the cold hearted

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

foot pritnts

walking along in a slight powder of snow
i look behind and notice no foot prints
is it the brisk cold wind that has blown
away my steps or is it that i may not 
be leaving my foot prints behind?

will my existence in this short sojourn
be remembered let alone noticed or will
the million tiny breaths i've taken, the million
words  i've spoken or written, the many hands
i've touched, will anyone recall that i was here? 

if nothing else, my hope and wish is that
someone will reflect upon my sharing of
the tiniest, if not insignificant, moments
spent sharing tears and joys, my giving of
the pieces of my heart, the love

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Nature's transition

yellow and russet leaves blanket the still verdant blades of grass
they dance with a shimmy and sparkle from the dew as the morning
sun rises now farther away than in a Summer's day

the large stoma and petals once yellow now a dark brown lay down at
a once vibrant sunflower's feet to recycle with nutrimental loam not to die but to garner Winter's sleep

soon a cold northern Winter wind shall blow and all will be covered
with a blanket of snow whilst houses align in the dawning of a spewing from chimneys a dark grey and white smoke  

Monday, October 22, 2018

be here, now

…so i sit here quiet and still and
in a soft and gentle whisper of my mind
i say to my yesterday 'be gone for i am
you, now' and to my tomorrow i say
'i await you but not now'

for i am the breath of which i breathe, now
i hear the silence and feel the presence
of all that is present around me which allows
me to become my surroundings and escape
the self, becoming selfless

Saturday, October 20, 2018

at this moment

i wish to be a flower or a tree
feel the sun braze my petals and 
the wind ripple through my leaves

to be the mountain kissing the sky
the water that reflects Nature's attire
without care and still to dare

if i could escape but for a moment
the angst of life's travails without
the death of my soul

wander into a euphoric nothingness
and still maintain love's heart and soul
in a moment, i would do so

Monday, October 1, 2018

Reflection of a smile

i saw a smile on a daisy and on
a sunflower, today, when then the
sun touched them with its fingertips
their smiles were cast upon their feet

and i watched the sparkle of water on a
running stream as silhouettes danced
from the maple and oak standing on its
banks admiring their reflection unabashedly

a curious robin flies o’er and rests
on a limb of the oak to see what they’re
admiring and it too sees its reflection
and begins to whistle with glee

as i sat down i heard the whisper of
the wind say to me…’if you look into the
stream your reflection will be carried to
the river’s end  onto the sea when then the
moon at night will share its smile in perpetuity’

Thursday, September 20, 2018

asking, of Love

do you come from my heart
or do you reside in my soul,
for sometimes i feel you in
the depths of my gut and
inside every teardrop trickling
down my cheeks to my toes

if you are omnipresent do you  
feel pain, angst and sadness,
understand the hurtful absence
in the departure of love ones
and do you battle with the
evilness that is called hate

my ‘being’ senses that the
spirit of the universe is much
grander than even my imaginings,
that it encompasses that which i
know and that which i don’t, a
balance of all

and so if i can ask a favor, Love;
will you be my friend, my mentor,
be the conduit to understanding
from whence i came and from
whilst my journey will take me,

will you hold my hand?

Sunday, September 16, 2018

remember my song

when i depart from this Earthly sojourn
will you remember me for the words i wrote
those which i spoke and that which i did,
for those who i chose to walk beside that
shared a common tone and some that didn’t,
the hugs and embraces, the gift of friendship?

shall my legacy withstand the scrutiny of your
memory of me whilst we became disheartened
with each other’s unfulfilled expectations, then
yielding angered words flung at each other
or will you remember the hearty laughs we
shared, the quiet tears and subtle smiles?

will you remember the music that i played on
my guitar, the songs i sang for me and for you,
the dances we danced, the holding of hands when
we walked along the river’s bend and sandy beeches
between our toes until the crimson Sun laid down 
to rest in the horizon, the Moon then smiled at us?

i know that wherever my soul resides in its next
abode and if by chance it maintains the mundane
spirit of memory, it will remember all this but
most of all it will recall that we bathed each other
in Love. soon our souls will be as one, again