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Thursday, December 24, 2015

merry stardust

we are but stardust particles
floating about in the dark
thinking we are more and
curious as to our relevance

this moment in time, every cycle,
the world is introspective and
looks within to where it’s going
and where it’s been

stands before a mirror so as
to review its moral attire,
fitted from its narrow choices
of colors hanging in its closet
mandated by its religious writ

from the angst of our concerns over
our relevance and value, we disparage
and minimize our peers and other life forms
thinking it elevates us to, 'superior'

in the fear of death of our 'selves'
we incorporate into our religious scriptures
the savior of our souls convinced to be
true, then he or she our scripted savior,
will judge us then of this greater value

little do we know of value in the eyes
of the 'one' that's the universe spirit.
so by this it shall be said:
be kind to one another for in the
great expanse of time and space
we are but tiny stardust, in it together

let us all, in this cycle of our year,
enjoy our particular celebrations in peace
and calm, share our oneness and our common
wish that our souls be given the eternity of love