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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

missing you

standing here looking out my window  
faint of red, green and yellow gold light
glistens and glimmers through the fog
in the dark of a winter’s night

a tiny single snow flake lands upon a pane
reminds me of how slow a dance flakes fall
covering copper leaves of trees and the
sparse verdant splay left of autumn’s nest

peering out onto the powder white
giving light to the night, i think i see
small paw prints strewn in the snow
where but too short a winter ago
you and i had played

your voice in my mind resounds of song
words in mellifluous tone pierce my heart
i shed tears in memory of an anguish from
your lament because no wrapped gifts
lay underneath our evergreen

but too young, my words, couldn’t come
to let you know the preciousness of love
the gift of birth you had already given me
that was not laying underneath the tree

wind blows brisk now, frost on window’s pane
an arm embraces me o’er my shoulder,
a kiss upon my cheek, a cup of hot cocoa
warms my hands and my love stands next to me

looking out onto the still and peaceful calm
i ask from my heart my soul that in the still
of this night covered winter’s white
you’ll see me standing here, missing you