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Friday, January 1, 2016

alone under stars

in the cold of a new years day a single
leaf dangles, dances alone, whereas  
not long before, others were
hanging around flickering, fluttering  
in the sharing of the wind

soft rays of sunshine make this leaf's
skin sheer, exposing a web of veins
which show through of vulnerability
calling attention to the innocence of
its curves, a lady standing in her sundress

left alone, to belong wanes,
as others have now departed
to carry on nature’s cycle, yet,
this single leaf clings on, dancing
in solemnity and solo, under stars

and like this leaf, i too, stand here
in a gentle breeze thinking with
fond memories, those now departed,
vulnerable exposing the curves of my
soul in this seemingly vacuous place 
yet, their love in my heart does not wane

i cling to these precious days left
and those still with me, cherish and
hold on to these moments tightly,
knowing unlike the solo leaf in Nature
a departure of others rejuvenate with Spring

alone, i witness this starry night