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Friday, January 8, 2016

embraced by sun and moon

when the dusk arrived this new year
the Sun lay down not unlike last year
wearing its golden crown with crimson trim
laying a fiery blanket on the day’s landscape
if to say… i lay to rest now to sleep and
dream of yesteryear and letting go of its
burdens, its travails while my friend
the moon sprinkles sleep dust upon your
weary eyes and tomorrow another new day
shall evince with a breath of verve to
make new memories 

let me awaken once again, if i may, in 
your arms and the warmth of your smile
so that my day will begin in the same
rhythm and balance that the spirit of 
which holds the stars in place and allows
their brilliance of their intrinsic make-up
and that i may open my eyes and witness the
light coming from the dark desiring to hearken
the wisdom, that Love is the answer