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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

‘untoll’ moment

the candle flame flickers
Its light pierces the dark
It dances about creating
moving shadows of objects still

my thoughts stream seemingly
inside my head as sad holds
the hand with joy, fear with peace,
calm with anguish and loneliness
stares and stares at love

a feeling of flux enters my soul
the wantonness of chaos as
i descend into an abyss such
the nature of the universe
i am a microcosm of its being

my heart beats hard and fast
i listen to its gurgling roars
like tiny ocean waves ebbing,
flowing into designated chambers
marrying with oxygenated breath

my soul, my incarnate being
transcend into a place where
all the voices ever spoken, music
ever played now reside where
there is no space or time

i’ll remain here for a moment
my memories have no place to go
what is salient no longer matters
as tears have ceased flowing and
the ache in my heart no longer tolls