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Monday, October 19, 2015

life's path

so many paths i’ve taken
observing many a tree, cherishing
many a flower, in the many hours of walking by

i look around, watch the swift of wind
play with the daisies and the violets
and the pansies as they dance to and fro

every morning’s yellow radiant light
awakens to my souls delight
for another stroll into the night

today i walk another trail grey clouds
follow from above as my eyes witness
with the years, now a different shade of light

thus i wonder, on those paths i've walked,  
the pansies and the daisies, from before, are they
still dancing, though delicately now, in the wind ?

*dedicated to an artist, a grandfather, a father, a husband, a friend lost to tragedy but remembered.
  in life’s path we encounter many a flower. later we walk a different trail and wonder if that flower
  from before still sways in the wind. to find out a swift of wind has taken it to its resting place

   tim macdonald, RIP