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Saturday, October 24, 2015

life shakes my hand

when the heart holds the hand of grief
it reminisces upon the days of yore
when life was gentler, foot steps softer
the breezes would ride on a subtle day
quietly onto the night’s shade to rest
the weary eyes, a tired soul to lay

the day shines of gold as the heart is warmed
a soul dances with the clouds as the sky touches
the ocean blue where the dolphins and orca
spring out from their abode displaying to the osprey
how two worlds can be as one

and as time avails long the hour and the day
but months and years race by too soon ravaging
from us without notice a piece of where love
is stored and shared at will with temporal beings
as they part without goodbyes only naked
memories left behind

but life is not swayed by the wind
it bares no bias toward a flower, a tree,
a mother, a child, a bird or a bee
tapping time on its shoulder to reclaim its fruit
a recycling of the balance in the universe
giving birth to another me, another you