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Sunday, October 18, 2015

love’s commitment

quietly we sit side by side

back and forth we rock while staring

into the mirror of lapsing time

arms around each other much like

identical twins conjoined at birth

as we embrace we look at our reflection

into each other’s face that stare back at us

now with folds on our cheek and brow

our smiles evince of dignity amidst the grey

 on the edges of my hair line and on

hers still with the same flowing beauty

she has displayed all along always next to me

so quickly through time we’ve traveled as

both mothers, a brother too young and a 'pup' our

child recently departed leave us with their memory

and still within us we breathe their breath

we reflect upon our journey hand in hand

with a promise to each other made so many

moons and suns before, to be apart nevermore