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Friday, October 2, 2015

my friend, my boy

my heart is tugged by inconsolable pain
like ‘angel falls’, tears fall from sleepless eyes
yelping cries come loud from inside my head
my love is wrenched from within my soul

he lumbers about without sight or sound
his insides in discord and spins round and round
the verve, the joy seem to have waned
oh spirit of love, shall i release him from his pain

if you do not hear from me for a while, my friends
i am residing deep in the darkness of my soul
am cogitating upon the choice i must make
asking the universal spirit, his soul to take

if i could i’d exchange one small moment
of reprieve from his angst from the turmoil
he seems to live in his dreams and then
i would pray to his angel to give him peace

soon, all too soon a calm shall embrace his soul
he’ll dream the good dream and walk amidst
the river’s bank where he used to chase the geese
the squirrels, the leaves, the swirling wind

my friend, tell those you meet in your heaven
of our walks, of our talks, how we held
each other when no one else was around
i give you half of my heart to take with you
until our two halves meet again, my boy