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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

giving life a chance

with a slow step i stroll
in a world that has erupted.
little rest for quiet or silence
where empathy, calm and peace

my fellow species disdain all,
their own kind and life itself.
they’ve chosen anger and hate
where destruction is the fiber of
their bed spread, caring little
for the warmth and security
their children might seek

and the earth’s saplings are
being trampled with no regard
for future growth and so the earth
is showing us its anger reminding
us we are but visitors in its abode

terrestrials, the birds,
the trees, the rivers, the seas
are the attire it has provided
to cherish and wear and avail
of its nature, our care

prayer is not the remedy
nor is silence or capitulation
loud voices should raise and
action should follow to usurp
the swiping angered tail that
is destroying all in its path.
we must pounce on it and
sooth it with a stroking hand
of knowledge and wisdom

show the universe of our resolve
that we beings can walk amidst and
with each other in soulful pride and
sharing it with all of life. whilst
we become an emitting light
as we traverse in universal space
showing of our wish to reside in
perpetuity with our ancestry of stars