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Friday, September 11, 2015

love dusk to dawn

tears also flow from the big and strong
they fall lightly though, most times unnoticed
when they scream alone in a space of quiet
silence falls on ears, unseen through eyes
of others

they carry upon their shoulders
many burdens brought to them
which is what they choose to do
for the weak, for those alone
and for the elders

but in this strength that they profess
to possess, a weakness in their heart
devours them so too in their soul a sense
ef demise envelops them thinking 
no one cares, no one knows

they’ve embraced the characteristics of love
its empathy attire, its cornucopia of humanity
some days they lend a shoulder and in
other days they share its wares and wealth

even the big and strong witness sadness for
those lost in life and those touched by death
and for sure to be forlorn by the loss of a
child who only in memory they'll be adorned

the bigger the heart the more it hurts, it hurts
and in their soul tears flow and flow
for they now know their strength came not
from brawn but from inside their loving heart
for this they are remembered after they are gone
much like the stars to night, like dusk to dawn