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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

a crow

love comes in different shades and sizes
it can be found in the darkest of places,
in the least of spaces:

a crow who befriended me, who
tolerated my species was visiting me
in the mornings. she was underneath the
feeders this morning lying on the ground.
i noticed that she seemed to be injured because
in seeing me approach her she flapped her wings 
but was seemingly unable to roll over and amble.  
i was going to remain at a distance and observe her.
sometimes these birds can mend and thrive without
human intervention. the day had been forecasted to
develop into an oppressively hot day and evening.
dusk came and i went out to check on her. still on her
side, i petted her around the nape area of her back.
her lamenting eyes looked up at me, with gloves on
i lifted her to looked underneath her wings and noticed
the talons on her feet were clenched tightly as if she
had a stroke, maybe from the oppressive heat.  
this being a Sunday evening, pet refuge centers
were not accessible at least near me and so in
a human empathetic attempt to comfort her, 
i placed fresh water in a shallow pan next to her
and laid some seed around her. lastly,  i placed
a mesh laundry basket over her as a protective measure
from potential predators, debris falling on her
and some protection from  elements of the weather
the next morning i went to check on her.
sadly, i observed underneath the basket, her eyes open
her talons clenched, her soul had departed
i left around her fresh bird seed and a flower
RIP my friend !