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Thursday, September 10, 2015

a walk

today i walked softly gently so as not to disturb
the tiny saplings and clovers on the bank of
this river’s bend quietly so as not to upend
the sound of the running stream o’er the
stones and sticks, slowly so as not to distract
little minnows swimming in their abode

i share this walk today with my two pups
jaz, my girl, as she jumps to try to catch
a butterfly that ascends surprisingly from the
clover and grass and my jules, my boy, who is
now aged deaf and blind but his head rapidly
sways back and forth his nose close to the ground
experiencing with his keen sense of smell
and ears that hear the butterflies wings flap

this river bank is where my solitude resides
where my haven of many reflecting moons
off the pristine water and the many dusks
and dawns holding many of my life’s diurnal
moans and tears and only the gentle breezes
still hold my secrets of when i learned to listen,
to breathe in deep in calm and peace and
hence i learned to see beyond myself

many a song i’ve sat here singing to the willows
whose fingers now hover over and touch the stream
to the maples who would gather the shade for me
to sit under as i would jot with pen and paper
my thoughts of dreams and love and a journey yet
to come. so here i am in my return, to thank the
willow and the maple for the wisdom they imparted
upon my nature.

a walk well worth my steps, severing my ties with ennui