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Sunday, September 20, 2015

death be gone

i wish to talk to you about your imposition
you knocked upon my door when first i was born
and then when life was hard and much a burden
you teased me, enticed me with a supposed calm,
you said you'd end my anguish, my pain and my tears

when light appeared you would cloak me in your darkness
and as i walked upon a path of prickly pebbles reminding
me of the diurnal verve of life you’d place a shard of jagged
stone underneath my tender naked feet to remind me
of whence the light evinces that your dark so too resides

and when the wraps of Love did embrace me after so long
a query…" could i ever be afforded the wealth of such,
could my days and nights of longing be sated by its touch"
and so thus when its warmth finally availed my arms, my 
finger tips, you came and stole it, ripped it from my heart  

you’ve tattered my spirit upended my soul
and have raped me of the nature of my being
not allowing me either to quench my thirst or fill
my belly with the pleasures abided in this mundane abode
with your tugs and tows you tear apart my heart and soul

but to this end i do not fail to tell you
that until my destiny is fulfilled, telling of the Love
i feel and shields me from your unrelenting pull
the life within me shall not to your will descend
await your turn, be gone be gone, death be gone