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Friday, November 13, 2015

opening my wings

my wings lift from their sides
the air beneath them lift me
onto the stairway to heaven
for i’ve come to this journey’s end

loved in depths where my heart, before, didn’t know
drank the tears of sadness until full
the howling wolf’s soul and me sit side by side
and watch his home burn to the ground

having heard the voices of despair
the asking for an open hand  
the flow of tears for someone to care
and deaf ears to listen if they dare

as i rise up and soar away from the mire on earth
i here the triumphant sound of wind,
the ocean waves clap and the mountains
whisper, the osprey and lion sing and roar to life

i do not say goodbye nor wish to see you cry,
would like to tell you why, it’s time for me
to fly where the universal spirit resides
along where all our souls soon will meet
giving the color blue to the palette of the sky