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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

a flower's wisdom

as the morning proceeds to open its eyes
so do yours as you slowly transition from
the realities of the dreams that enveloped
your resting night time soul

you breathe the breath of light that's coming
from the flapping of the days wings
lifting you from your supine state onto
the verticality where the view of the horizon
and all else standing upright in this reality

you take a step to observe with fresh eyes
the flower that stands before you
how the soft pedals spread open reaching
for the sky with a radiance of crimson and yellows
curious of how it has survived the cold
and nigh of snow

you lift your eyes and arms upward to where
the dream of heaven should be and await its
greeting to this new beginning much like 
the flower’s soul that seems to have the wisdom
you seek, as the sun smiles down upon it
and they both look at you, for they know