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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sated Crescent Moon

 the Crescent Moon
     waits knowing soon
          while consuming light
               it will be full

                          the Sea it waves
                            at the Moon
                            with joy for sharing
                                its feed of light

                                             the Owl perched
                                          with eyes wide open
                                             observes the wisdom
                                               of this gathering

                                                          while my eyes sleep
                                                the Moon beams
                                               kiss the Sea
                                             rhe starlet’s glitter
                                            with glee

                                                when I wake
                                       I shall revel
                                     knowing there was
                                   Love goings on

                                     dawning of the Sun
                             smiles in brilliant rays
                          sharing with the Day
                       as it did sating the
                     Crescent Moon