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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

a cheer to joy

in these days of disquiet
i’d walk barefoot on jagged stones
to distract from pain throbbing
in my heart and in my head,
the tumult

if i could i’d sing a song
with words for all to hear
of how things could be better,
if only we would try

sing of how tender the touch of a child
being nurtured on mother’s breast or
a hand upon the shoulder of a son
by a father’s caress

sing of the gentleness of breath when
love comes and kisses your cheek
and feeling soft warm skin
pressed against your chin

i would dance so that you’d turn
your sight away from the sadness
you’ve witnessed and raise a glass
of wine to cheer of joys that
still can be

for if i don’t sing and dance, i
too will be thrown into a den
of distraught and disquiet and
all would  wallow in the mire