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Monday, September 3, 2012

Ciao for now

Starting the day that follows today
I shall be in a sea of red where
the land is known for husking corn
and it’s also the home of a respected human
who in spite of being known as the third
wealthiest individual in the world,
Warren Buffet, has maintained his humanity

I will be in Omaha to visit two elders who have
managed to survive for almost a century in a world
that has devoured, sometimes in a cruel manner,
even the very young. They are,Stewart and Ruth,
the parents of my lovely wife. He a Minister
and Ruth a gentle teacher that has touched many
a young mind and has played her melodious violin
strings for the pleasure of many an ear.
I am in awe of both of these sages in my eyes.
He, a six foot three presence, who has written many
sermons that possibly directed many souls toward
a path that maybe they may not have realized.
I imagine all the Sunday ears and possibly souls
his words have possibly inspired.
Ruth, all of four foot eight in stature with gentle
and softness of demeanor, whose teachings has
expanded the universe to many a youth.
Youth, being a relative term being she’s
survived nearly a century. She‘s taught English
and music as her discipline of studies yet her
gentleness and human soft whispers have woven
the souls to the possibilities of giving, perpetuating good.
I hope in my visit with them some of their wisdom
will permeate my soul and will give me inspiration
to share with all of you.
I shall be back to prick your souls and meld your hearts
See you soon, mi amigas, mi amigos!