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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Amigas y Amigos

Will be in 'limbo' for a little while.

Came back from an emotional visit from my wife's parents in Omaha Nebraska
to an unfortunate devastation to our home.

We live in a four floor quad-level home and found the two lower floors totally under water. Pipe burst or something. Much of our technical equipment i.e, tv's computers, dvr's new furniture all floating. It's been two days since we arrived. First twelve hours draining the water. next twelve hours tearing up rugs, carpets wall wood panelling in both floors being ripped out, etc. We will be ok because we are insured but won't find out until today to what extent from our insurance adjuster.

One of my greates losses was that i lost many books that were my most precious possessions along with some collectors vinyl records both classical and r&b, etc.
Lost my hard copy hand written work going back from the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's that I had started rewriting into disc in my computer for security.

Lost my Alvarez guitar that I've had since my music pursuits in the seventies and most devastating were my old black and white and color pics of my family and mamasita. It's sad but I've got my memories. Hope I can salvage my original birth cerificates and paperwork from Mexico. I think I can replace my naturaliztion paperwork from the US immigration department. You know in this environment, I have to carry it with me when I journey across the states, That's sad in its self.

Staying in a hotel for around two months. Will have access to one of our lap computers so I will check in with all my amigos and amigos as time permits.
Stay in touch, please

Tu amigo Nene