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Saturday, September 3, 2016

a flower's tears

like the flower in Spring
petals in their brilliant colors
display. the leaves are a vibrant 
green and loam at its rooted feet is
dark, from moist of morning’s dew

in Spring she used to be like this
when she’d look my way and would
on occasion seem to be fawning making 
me feel like that flower of Spring

but Autumn comes, some call it Fall,
and colors change to crimson and
russet, although still brilliant in the
aesthetic way yet changing their colors,
a different beauty in their display

she sees me now in my Autumn attire, 
knowing Spring still is her favorite color,
she looks no longer at me the way she used
to but now at another flower whose colors 
of Spring catch her eyes

i am that flower your eyes no longer, of me, see
a sentient being with love in my heart and when 
my Autumn colors now displayed, you look away
and so my petals droop, my leaves fall to my side, 
the heaviness of falling dew, are my tears for you