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Friday, September 9, 2016

onto this new day

onto and unto this new day
when first comes my morning’s breath
i shall smile and laugh upon the tangles
and tugs in the face of death

i hear the melodies of my waking friends
the cardinal’s whistle, the melodious wrens
they’ll lift my body from recumbent dreams
to amble out onto Nature’s streams

a 'sol' of warmth,  a breath of soft wind
shall start my waking day, the night on end
naked feet will be tickled by grass and dew
and my spirit brimming with life’s anew

bring all the pain and angst you can muster
for i’ll still dance amidst a daffodil cluster
the song of a robin and a finch
shall lift my spirit in a pinch

come, share with me, embrace the day
for all too soon this will give way
to the moon and stars in night’s abode
but that too is dream filled, so, i am told