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Monday, September 19, 2016

behold living

my body recently experienced physical pain
constant throbbing, deep and incessant.,
i breathe in, exhale slowly and it separates
me distantly from  it

now it has subsided, the cause ameliorated
i tarry in my focus and think of those
whose pain never subside and so much greater
than mine, so i breathe for them

souls being connected in a universal spirit
shall be then, but for a moment, the assuage
of this feeling, usurped by a calm and rest,
shared by the link of our souls

i shall amble about amidst life, today
i shall not forget the pain for it will be the cause
of me savoring the tiniest of things, littlest of moments,
cherish all  around me while breezes sing
in my ears and mine eyes behold, living