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Saturday, September 24, 2016

tell me

tell me
how the gentle wind touches your skin
how the gold of sun rays pierce your eyes
when you hear and watch the fish gently slap
the water around the river's bend
ahh, and there's the waft of morning dew

tell me
how your heart flutters when feeling love;
your breath becomes rapid in excitement,
soft bead sweat shimmies from your hands,
how peace and calm envelops you
at the sight of stars and moon at night

tell me
the soothing of violin strings upon your ears
whilst reading words of Shelley and Shakespeare
and how they resonate into your soul
or as i sing to you a song formed
of love verses, i've written

tell me
that your love for me is true
the reflection of my heart, too
like new verdant leaves of Spring
with their brilliance in their color hue
my heart speaks~~~ there’s no truer love
than me for you