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Sunday, October 2, 2016


not until my later years, now, have i
truly looked into the eyes of love

did not see it in my innocence,
still pure and in youthful attire
not having felt its warmth of heart,
its soulful value

not until i saw tears of another,
seeing their open hands reaching out
unkempt and empty,
pacing back and forth, talking to a darkness
only their eyes can see and knowing
no one feels them, unseen, no one cares

have now observed the lowly last flower bent over,
leaves brown and drooping, hanging by its sides,
and its bonnet with fallen petals hangs downward
in lamenting with the others already lying down
upon the Earth’s chest as Summer’s sun moves
farther away and a cooler air replaces warm
as the day grows shorter causing Mother Nature to
put on a coat of browns and orange, yellows and russets

until i saw an eagle feed its eaglets in the nest,
a mother wolf lay with its pups at dusk to rest,
tall trees sway in the music of the wind
whispering to each other the day's events
and the running streams flow into rivers and the
rivers into oceans while the stars wink at the waves
and the vane moon looks at its reflection, the
seagulls and the egrets fly across its face to find a
settling place until another dawn arises and my
heart swoon by the love of a new day