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Monday, October 10, 2016

my shadow cast

a towering challenge stands before me
on this path to home in my traverse 
with every step towards it a shadow 
casts larger and larger

the days before me have dwindled
in number while behind me they've grown
with every step and my pace now slow
while moving closer toward this mountain 

the shadow i cast behind me is becoming
smaller as i stroll onward when earlier
my shadow embraced many a wildflower
as they sprouted vibrantly on my path

i am near the base of this promontory 
as it stands before me with its shadow 
hovering over me and all where i have been 
the sun can only wink, now, from behind it

moments have come that capture my breath.
wanting to turn around, run back away
from this worrisome angst but life's gravity,
inevitably, draws me closer and closer

droplets tickle my skin, they fall from a rainbow 
while a calming cool breeze whistles a melody
in my ears of an elegy longing for lasting years 
and the love that has dissipated into this mist

step by step my heart and soul avail
to what is to come, where i may go
i ask only that my eyes be given pleasure
of beauty, that of blooming flowers
while cool breezes lay their kisses upon
my cheek, the love that embraces me
on this path, let not unclench my heart
and i leave behind my shadow cast