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Monday, October 17, 2016

welcoming Autumn

bright red petals of roses,
yellows blue and purple
flowers, the vibrant green
of leaves, so quietly they change
from their ebullience into their
more Autumn hues of orange,
brown, black and russet   

warm winds cool, blowing the
cotton whites now misty and gray
as Robins and Hummingbirds
cease their play, pack to journey
south-bound where the sun still
heats and breezes still are warm

the blue-jays  and crows remain,
they caw in competition as they
sneak and steal the nuts and seed
from chipmunks and squirrels
not of starvation but to store,
preparing the arrival of ‘old man’
Winter’s cold nights cold days

houses now dressed in a fancy of rustic,
colors from pumpkins and silhouettes
of black witches on brooms, spiders
in webs, that hang from gutters and
eaves as white pillowcase ghosts
swing to and fro while the piercing
eyes of goblins, their incisor teeth grin,
to welcome the myths of Fall