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Sunday, December 28, 2014

give of yourself

a veil of tears fall gently
down my face as i ponder
who, for what, i am
they fall onto an open hand
trying to understand why they’re shed
and i sooth the pain by saying…yes i do,
thy heart laments in the sorrow of others

…feeling the burdens of hunger
the pangs of strife and loneliness
knowing life’s music is not heard
when the struggle is deafening

a body left unclothed, sheltered from the cold,
hunger pangs go unfed of mother and child,
an uncaring hand that has so much is
blinded by perceived riches of self indulgence

i catch the tears upon my open hand
holding my soul, my heart tight, walking,
day and night trying to wipe away tears
on faces, share food with child and mother

for when the human heart is promised yet it
becomes complacent, not a smile or touch,
many are scorned thinking no one cares
for even in the presence of others
an emptiness resides within