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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sun Shines for Someone

The sun shines today evoking my spirit to once again dance.
The winter and cold this year has been bold
the weather has challenged the souls of man
caused them to question their faith,
dried up the caverns where tears were stored
human hearts truly felt from Divinity, they’d been scorned.

Amidst this dark cloud left from the wrath of natures hand
the humans resilient spirit sang songs in the streets
in the face of the storm with hands around the world
coming forth with a gentle hand of shelter, food and warmth.

The suns wondrous fingers pierce through my window pane
reawaken is my spirit of song lost in the midst of that storm
but depressed is the soul of those still without homes
awaiting relief from the pain and the scorn.

Be mindful, those who read these words
whose hearts they touch, whose thoughts incite;
There are those of us who live amongst the tree tops,
the sun touches and nutrients befall
and those who live in the shadows cast
who can see the sun above
but to share in its radiance, they’ve little hope.

I ask that you not wait for an extended hand
but from within of thy inherent kindness
share thy wealth not just from thy pot of gold
but of thy health, provide the strength and compassion
to rebuild their land