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Saturday, May 9, 2015

dia de mamasita

suns and moons have passed, it seems not so long ago
when mamasita to her maker was called home.

she needed her rest from a life that treated her with scorn
yet in spite of all her pathways aligned with thorns

she gave of kindness to those she thought more forlorn

her mellifluous singing voice would begin our day
and from just outside an open kitchen window birds

perched on a limb in a tree, she’d sing to them
and for a moment they would cease their chirping, 

their whistling and listen to 'Mamasita' sing for them

her voice still resounds  with solemnity in my soul,
memorable moments in my mind, her undiminished

love fills every chamber of my heart and for this gift  

i thank her not just because it’s 'Dia de las Madres'
but i think she knows that every morning i awaken

there's a picture of her on my mantle looking back at me
reminding me of the heart from whence and where i came